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Get Lucky

Weekend readers share their favorite charms

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Cassandra C. Poculan

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The concept of good luck charms is not novel to humans. Whether it’s for warding off evil or bringing in wealth, lucky charms have been used for thousands of years and even come in various forms, from coins to photos and jewelry. Some are known across all cultures, while others are unique to just one place. Superstitious or not, these readers reveal what favorite items they keep close at hand.

Pippo Mangubat, 27
Medical Intern
Cebu Doctors’ University

“I think I have two lucky charms: my dog tag that carries a positive vibe wherever I go, which also magically appears out of nowhere every time it gets lost, and of course, my mom’s picture in my wallet, constantly reminding me what a lucky girl she is to have me as her son! Hahahaha!”

Salanie Llenos, 29
Retail Banker

“I consider my loved ones my luck charm. They will always be the ones I will vent, cry and complain to, and the ones I feel safe with. I don’t know how to explain it, but they give me the feeling that everything will always be fine and they make me believe that I can achieve anything.”

Gray Rovillos, 23
Marketing Staff

“My lucky charm would be the gold cross necklace that I received from my mother. I first received the gold chain when I graduated from high school and then the gold cross pendant when I graduated from college. The necklace has become part of me, and I could never go out without it.”

Gian Mahusay, 28
Technical Officer
Jollibee Brunei

“To be honest, I don’t believe in luck nor am I a fan of lucky charms. But if there’s an item I’ve been carrying around for such a long time, it would be an old wallet-sized photo of me and my mama. I think I was seven or eight years old then? I’m lucky to have a strong and independent woman as my mother. I love you ma.”

Ira Sabandal, 24
Fourth Year Student
Cebu Doctors’ University-College of Medicine

“My lucky charm in life, to be honest, is not a thing. It is my parents. The knowledge that they have shared with me coming from what they have learned in their previous experiences in their lives and the discipline that they instilled in me have served as my guiding light that led to all of my achievements so far. In fact, their mere presence makes me feel lucky already knowing that I have someone to lean on when things get rough.”

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