Super dads save the day - Weekend

Super dads save the day

Weekend readers reveal what makes their dad a hero

By Cassandra C. Poculan
Photo: Associated Press


HIS wisdom and guidance have shaped you throughout the years. He’s your personal chef, chauffeur, and handyman all rolled into one. He even acts as mediator between you and mom if need be. He does all these — with several dad jokes and some dad dancing thrown in — and yet, he does not get enough credit. Showing our appreciation to the fathers and father figures in our lives shouldn’t have to be limited to just a day, but it doesn’t hurt either to have a global holiday that’s dedicated to them. These readers tell tales of how they knew their fathers were their first and forever heroes.

Zenith Vallecera, 25
Registered Nurse
Cebu Velez General Hospital

“When I was in grade school, our science teacher assigned us to make a wind vane as our project. The lazy person in me forgot about the project and on the day of the submission I came to my senses when I saw my classmates with their outputs. I didn’t know what to do, I panicked and didn’t want to get off and walk anywhere near the school gate. My Papa asked me what’s the matter and I told him about the project. He scolded me and told me to get off the car and go to class anyway. Later that afternoon he was outside my classroom bringing an improvised wind vane he made out of my used perfume bottle.”’

Joseph Halasan, 26
Clinical Clerk
Cebu Doctors’ University-College of Medicine

“One instance in which my father saved me was when I almost got bitten by a snake when I was a toddler. Without thinking twice, my father courageously seized the snake despite the fact that it could attack and bite him. I realized that a father’s love for his children is incomparable and unconditional no matter what it takes.”

Tricia Rodrigo, 25
Freelance Writer/Marketing Consultant

“My parents raised us to be independent in that they let us make our own decisions and find solutions when something goes wrong. This made us strong individuals even as kids. But even with my ‘strong independent kid’ thing going on, there were instances when I couldn’t help but break down. And no matter how hard I try to hide it, my father would ALWAYS sense if something is hurting or bothering me. He’ll ask me what was wrong and then envelope me with a big hug. He makes me feel that I will always have someone to fall back on and that I don’t have to always be strong on my own.”

Catherine Quiapo, 27
Medical Intern
University of the Visayas-Gullas College of Medicine

“What I am now is the fruit of my father’s love. He did not only teach me to be kind and to humble myself before others, he also taught me the most important thing in the world — family. Through my father’s wisdom, I am able to live life full of genuine love and happiness for people whom I truly care about. The day I was born was the day I met my superhero.”

Samantha Espineli, 25
Client Service Associate
BDO Unibank Inc.

“Even though it means barely having time for himself, he runs the family business all by himself without requiring any help from us and at the same time always finds ways to spend time with the family. True to his name, Salvador, even when I least expect guidance, he always has my back and will always be my knight in shining armor. When asked who my superhero is, my default answer would always be my Papa.”

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