Who’s Your Hero?

SunStar readers reveal their beloved, personal heroes

By Deneb R. Batucan and Patricia May P. Catan
Image by N.S. Villaflor


WHENEVER someone utters the word “hero,” we automatically associate this term with fictional superheroes we see on the big screen. Be it the Avengers, X-Men or Justice League, these types embody society’s standards of how we perceive heroes to be.

Pop culture might have set the heroic standards too high, if not, beyond reach, but truth is, it doesn’t take special powers for mere mortals to become heroes in their own right.

And not just from the comic pages or movie screens, real life heroes walk with us in the real world, whether it’s a family member, a friend or a mentor. And because anyone can be someone’s superhero, SunStar Weekend readers share who their personal heroes are and why.

Danna Bacolod, 23
Accounts Supervisor

Danna Bacolod

“A charismatic person who became a mother figure to everyone she met, my late lola is without a doubt my heroine. A doctor by profession, my lola was the kind that goes out of her way just to help other people. She not only served her mission of helping out her patients, but she was always one who was considerate enough to those who don’t have the financial capability to pay her fees. Showing the kindness of her heart, my lola even lends money and food to individuals she barely even knows. Going as far as providing for her own helpers when they needed her help, too — whether as a doctor or mother, my lola did everything out of pure love. When my lola passed away, she did not leave her family with material things. Instead, she left an example and inspiration that will forever be imprinted in our memories — that is giving back to others and serving your talents as gifts for those in need, not out of profit, but out of kindness and love. Leaving this legacy behind for her family and children, my lola is indeed my heroine.”

Jabar A. Sabdullah, 22
Law Student

Jabar A. Sabdullah

“My personal heroes are my parents since so much of who I am today is because of them. My parents have always been my greatest fans for every achievement and my fall back in every failure. They have provided me with a comfortable life and supported me in all my endeavors. They have always sacrificed literally anything to put the needs of their children first. After all, not all heroes wear capes.”

Jan Denn Arriba, 26
Proposal Coordinator

Jan Denn Arriba

“It would have to be Charles Darwin. Together with Alfred Wallace, he shed light on how species came to be, changing the way we see life forever. I admire how he published his observations anyway despite the religious backlash his theory stirred. #ForScience!”

Kimberly Joyce Veloso, 28
Copy Editor

Kimberly Joyce Veloso

“My personal heroes are the NGO volunteers and the teachers. They work grueling hours and under challenging circumstances, yet they persevere. The volunteers make sure that basic needs are delivered to the underprivileged, while teachers equip students with the knowledge they need for employment or in any undertaking in various sectors of society.”

Elisha Judy P. Tabaque, 20
Law Student

Elisha Judy P. Tabaque

“My lola, my hero. I have been and will always be my lola’s girl. At the very moment I became part of this world, Mommy Leony transformed to be my superwoman. From kindergarten to high school, she was my personal tutor, my confidant, and my mentor. She equipped me with armors for my ultimate battle, that is, living the real world on my own.

It’s different when one was brought up by a grandmother. I for one was instilled with values that I realized now are essential to every individual. I will never be the person I am now without her. Each strand of her silver-gray hair had with it lessons. Each question I asked as a kid had an answer. And each pain I felt had a corresponding explanation.
Her gentle soul, even until today reminds me to always give the best that you can and that in such process, you should always strive to be happy. I know, she’s happy out there, watching over me and seeing the person I became. You’re my real hero, Mommy Leonisa!”

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