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Of wanders and wonders

Readers share what kind of traveler they identify as

By Cassandra C. Poculan
Photo: Associated Press


THERE are all sorts of destinations around the world and even more ways to get to each of them and experience it in its entirety. Moreover, there are all sorts of travelers out there — from the meticulous planners and conformists who are never without guide maps, the genuinely curious who are always on the lookout for anything exceptional and eccentric, to the thrill-seeking backpackers who may or may not be on a gap year. Weekend readers share what type of traveler they are and if they travel for a personal culinary quest, to broaden their horizons, or something else completely.

Andoni Colmenares, 27
Model/Models’ Association of Cebu
Medical Student

“I’m quite the notorious planner and yet I always prepare days where there is no exact strategy — I suppose it’s a form of intended spontaneity. Many of my favorite stories are of times where I’d been lost for several hours in a strange city, because in truth, the best adventures and discoveries are found by staying and living at least one week in a major city. Doing so allows one to not only get a glimpse of life as a local but also to feel a unique sense of familiarity. This past December to January during my last few days in Japan, I didn’t even have to look at my phone’s maps-app to find the right train home from wherever I was coming from. Like clockwork I took the right line, at the correct time and found myself back at the apartment. Only then, with such a newfound intimacy in a city I’d not previously been to, can I say that I’ve seen — that I’ve known a place.”

John Paul Ocat, 23
Man of the World Philippines 2018/2019

“I love traveling. I love to see new places, discover new things and meet new people. I did this for a living as a flight attendant. But, I am anything but a light traveler. I feel the need to bring things that I might need out of the basics. I need to make sure I bring extra in case something comes up. I want my options open always. While this may be a bit of a hassle, to me it works most of the time.”

Natasha Holganza, 31
On-board Leader
Qatar Airways

“After so many years exploring different places as part of my job, I can finally say I’m done being a superficial traveler. Yes, taking Instagram-worthy shots is always an enjoyable part of any trip but now I prefer to spend more of my time engaging in meaningful conversations with the locals, learning about their culture and getting a glimpse of their day to day life. It’s not about social media anymore. It’s more of feeding my soul, building my character and embracing the transformation brought about by the positive influences I get from my travels.”

Joelyn Tulang, 30
Area Supervisor
Dorchester Management Corp.

“Well, I’m a free spirit and an independent traveler. I look forward to different adventures, no matter what they are because I believe in myself. For most of my trips, I don’t plan or ready an itinerary. I just go wherever the wind blows and I’m down for anything. When something goes awry during my trip, I just laugh and enjoy every moment.”

Rhodora Anastacio-Tano, 28
Licensed Physical Therapist
Wife and Mother

“As a mother of a toddler, I am a one-stop-shop traveler. I make sure that all needs are well attended with urgency, that’s why I bring a lot of essential things such as first aid kit, mosquito repellant, disinfectant, hygiene kit, vanity kit, even trash bags and etc. Most of my travel buddies would scout for whatever they need inside my bag. Some people would find this inconvenient and bulky, but I find this efficient because I don’t have to go to the mall or convenience store to buy emergency stuff. With that, I can maximize my time and I am able to enjoy the tour with my family as I have all the things I practically need in my bag.”

Karl de Pio, 28
Global Carrier Phils. Inc.

“I travel like a local. I want to discover the richness of life that exists just beyond the tourist bubble. It’s a wonderful way to have an authentic international experience when you go traveling.”

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