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Take a trip to the best eco-tourism destinations in Cebu

Text: Patricia May P. Catan

On the past few years, Cebu has become a popular eco-tourism destination. The city is rich in nature-oriented attractions that have drawn nature and outdoor enthusiasts to explore more of the island. In this story, we round up must-do activities from Best of Cebu winners that have championed sustainable eco-tourism through the years.

Bojo River Cruise

2015’s Best Eco-Tourism Destination is still a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. The Bojo River Cruise let’s one in on interesting knowledge of river systems, mangroves and the history of the place with the help of local guides. The river cruise is a beautiful experience in itself but visiting guests can also enjoy a stroll along the wooden boardwalk where one can have a 360-degree view of the Bojo River.

Dao Falls

The Best Eco-Tourism Destination back in 2017 that is Dao Falls in the southern town of Samboan may not be the easiest falls to visit, but it’s definitely worth the sweat. Before one arrives to the falls itself, a roughly 30-minute trek awaits. An upriver trek is no easy feat but it’s made worthwhile with a beautiful sight along the cliffside of canyons where blue limestone waters cascade. The magnificent view of Dao Falls and the pristine pool of water maintained by the local community is the most refreshing reward.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Danasan Eco Adventure Park is a 133-hectare adventure paradise where a whole range of outdoor activities are available for thrill seekers. From trekking, caving, wake boarding, and biking among many, 2014’s Best Adventure Park is nothing short of an amazing adventure. Danasan Eco Adventure Park is located an hour’s drive away from Danao City.

Cebu Safari & Adventure Park

Cebu’s very own safari park hosts numerous species of birds, mammals and reptiles all safe within a natural environment. Cebu Safari & Adventure Park is not just home to amazing animals but to a wide sanctuary of flora like orchids as well. The safari park is a whopping 100-hectare world-class attraction that allows responsible connection between humans and animals within a natural setting. Named Best Family Outdoor Destination in 2018, Cebu Safari is nestled in the magnificent mountains of Carmen town and is set to be the country’s premier safari park.

Foressa Trails

Located less than 50 kilometers away from the bustling city of Cebu is Foressa Trails in the town of Balamban. This natural beauty offers a great outdoor experience for Breathtaking natural wonders from its hills, forests, rivers, streams and hidden falls earned Foressa the Best Eco-Tourism Destination award in 2018.

Aguinid Falls

Still in Samboan, a town blessed with abundant natural attractions, is the eight-level Aguinid Falls. With the efforts of the town’s community to maintain its precious attractions, Aguinid Falls in Barangay Tangbo has managed to preserve its richness and beauty despite the tourist traffic. The falls’ calcite-rich turquoise waters remain pristine, making it deserving of the Best Eco-Tourism Destination accolade in 2016.

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