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The Real Deal

Real estate professionals share valuable insights

Text: Joyce Villaflor, Martie de Castro, Kaye Santander
STC Mass Comm Interns

WITH urbanization and the growth of various business sectors, the real estate industry is indeed growing. But behind the scenes of this impressive growth are individuals who know the market more than the rest of us as they deal with both clients and developers on a day-to-day basis.

Three professionals in the industry share with SunStar Weekend and its readers a few insights on why the property sector and why you should be in the market right now.

Jerome Villordon
Real Estate Broker

As a 39 year old architect, Jerome Villordon believes that as a long-term investment, real estate is way better than putting money in the bank. The value of properties has nowhere to go but up, he says.

Villordon has a number of expertises, including outsourcing wherein he designs and drafts for Australian and New Zealand clients. He also has an immigration firm called “Become Australian” that processes visas for those who wish to travel to Australia. And more recently, he set up a realty business last July 2016.

His realty business started when he left for Australia, where he soon decided to sell Philippine properties. He officially became a real estate broker when he passed the February 2016 real estate broker’s exam. Along with this, he tapped his friends in real estate review class and decided to put up Creative Design and Drafting Realty (CDD Realty) that develops properties and lands.

As a real estate broker, Villordon sees Cebu still being “on the verge of developing more properties.” While the skyline of Cebu is still far from that of Manila, he believes that property investment in Cebu is better than Australia’s because Cebu has a higher rental yield.

He thinks that Cebu is not in danger of a real estate bubble yet, although he thinks there is a need for more low to medium-cost properties in the city. When asked why, people should invest in real estate properties, he said: “You can’t go wrong with real estate.”

Kitchie U. Cañete
Licensed Real Estate Broker

A graduate of Fine Arts, Kitchie Cañete is a proof that you should pursue your heart’s desires. Growing up, she developed an interest in selling things. Although it is far from her major in college, she decided to jump into real estate. Now, the mother of one is a licensed real estate broker for seven years.

When asked about the real estate market here in Cebu, Kitchie says urbanization is among the key factors in its progress. The influx of tourism, economic growth due to different business sectors, and the changes in lifestyle have greatly contributed to the changes in the real estate market. And along with the growing number of people who want to stay in Cebu, many developers are coming into the market. “That’s what makes Cebu very promising,” she said.

So what makes her job fulfilling? Kitchie made it clear that real estate brokers are not there to merely choose a property for their clients. What gives her a sense of fulfillment is being able to understand what the client needs and helping them decide for their future.

Although her work involves lots of competition, she maintains good relationships with her fellow brokers. She adds that real estate is not just about providing good service, it’s also about maintaining an after sales relationship with the client.

And for those in the market for real estate, Kitchie said investing young is essential since it’s one way of building your future. “Money might be an issue, but perseverance will pave way,” she added.

Francis Marc Ty
Chief Operations Manager

At an early age, Marc Ty expressed interest in his family’s real estate business in Tago, Surigao del Sur. And at 21 years of age, he now manages Faye Melissa Homes, a subdivision that his parents started in 2008.

Growing up in a business-oriented family, he witnessed that the first few houses that were built were cheaper, yet its prices were increasing every year. He then realized why real estate made for a good investment. “Real estate will just keep on growing and improving. Your kids can even inherit the property,” Marc said.

Marc believes that owning a house and lot in the province is ideal for those who value convenience and for those who want to relocate in a slow-paced environment. Surigao del Sur and its neighboring provinces, after all, are surrounded with beautiful natural attractions and destinations that make for ideal living conditions.

“It’s an alternative from the congested city,” Marc said, adding that compared to those in pricey, congested urban areas, their subdivision lots are much more affordable. “Our province is just a plane away, so it’s also a practical alternative.”

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