Cebu's Tried and Tested Food Favorites - Weekend

Cebu’s Tried and Tested Food Favorites

Christian Jay B. Quilo
SunStar Writer

Taste-wise, the Cebu crowd is a hard one to please. We want something delicious but won’t burn a hole in our pockets. Year after year, Cebuanos have witnessed its fair share of sad closures and exciting expansions of food establishments. Check out these classic local food faves that have stood the test of time and the Cebuanos’ discriminating taste, featuring incumbent and previous Best of Cebu winners:

Julie’s Bakeshop
(Best Bakery Chain 2018)

When you mention bread, this ubiquitous bakery chain is probably the first name that comes to mind. With filling P5 breads, it’s no wonder why not just Cebuanos but Filipinos all over the country have become loyal patrons of Julie’s Bakeshop.

(Best Chicken Skin 2018)

Aside from its fried chicken paired with the hot sauce-ketchup-worcestershire sauce trifecta, Sunburst’s chicken skin with potato chips is an indulgent must-order appetizer.

Orange Brutus
(Best Burger Steak 2017 and Best Chocolate Cake 2018)

The Orange Brutus experience in a nutshell: start with an all-beef burger patty drizzled with tasty gravy on hot plate with steaming hot rice, and finish off your meal with a slice of the Chocolate Monster, a classic moist chocolate cake. With two Best of Cebu winners, the term “win-win” could not be anymore literal in this situation.

Chicken Tagala
(Best Fried Chicken 2018)

Loyal patrons know the drill: Get the chicken, ask for the free “crumbs,” dip the puso in the crumbs for an added crunch that will forever change the way you consume your favorite fried chicken. And don’t forget their special sauces.

Mingnan Chinese Cuisine
(Best Chinese Restaurant 2017)

Mingnan is proof that quality food does not need to come with a hefty price tag. Dine in a laidback hole-in-the-wall setting at their original location and choose from a wide selection of savory viands at bang-for-your-buck prices.

(Best Sizzling Pochero 2018)

The Sizzling Pochero is on the pricier side, sure, but it’s an occasional splurge worth having. A humungous beef shank perched on a hot plate with flavorful gravy — it’s a sight for sore eyes and hungry mouths.

CNT Lechon
(Best Lechon 2018)

It would be the biggest sin to come to Cebu and not have lechon. Sure, one can find this in other parts of the country but let’s be real, no one does lechon like Cebu — CNT being a fine example. With its crisp, crackly skin and tender, flavorful meat, CNT’s lechon is THE dish for bona fide carnivores.

Harbour City Dimsum
(Best Dimsum Place 2018)

The bustling atmosphere of push carts passing by each table adds to the experience. It’ll be difficult to narrow down your choices, not with all of the tempting fried and steamed dimsum on full display.

Majestic Restaurant
(Best Value Family Set Menu 2018)

The set menus of Majestic are perfect for family affairs. Each set comes with a well-curated mix of Chinese favorites, such as soup, fried rice, noodles, meats and even dessert that will leave any bunch full and satisfied without having to shell out a lot.

(Best Otap 2018)

It’s a quintessential pasalubong for tourists and a popular snack among locals — people just can’t seem to get enough of Cebu’s Best Otap. This flaky pastry is light as it is addicting, perfect for an afternoon bite paired with a cuppa.

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