10 ways to make your summer productive - Weekend

10 ways to make your summer productive

By Patricia May P. Catan
Photos: Associated Press


WITH your diploma in hand, you’ve finally bid farewell to your alma mater to say hello to freedom and the summer season. This summer is your first taste of the real world and it’s best to find ways where you can make it fruitful and beneficial for a fresh graduate like you. If you’re wondering how to spend your summer in the most fulfilling yet fun way, here are 10 great ways to make the warmest season of the year a productive one:

Apply for a summer job.

You’ve finally made it past university life and graduation rites, which means you can now freely breathe the summer air with no fuss. Fresh graduates like you are living your best life with no more school work and deadlines to catch up, but the real dilemma is: no school equals no allowance. While you’re still in the process of choosing which career path to take, why not apply for a summer job in the mean time? Other than the fact that you’ll earn money and it’ll make your summer even more productive, a summer job will also look good in your resume under work experience.

Take summer workshops.

You’re fresh off from school and you’d probably want to take some time off before entering the real world and just be a bum for the summer. But if you’re the type of bum who doesn’t fancy staying at home and lying in bed all day during the summer, it’s high time that you join available summer workshops near your area. Make sure to choose a summer workshop that piques your interest for a fun-filled summer season.

Commence the decluttering.

Four years in college means four years’ worth of photocopies, paperwork and projects. We can only imagine the enormous pile that’s sitting in your room right now and the only way to get rid of this is to start decluttering. Begin the decluttering from school-related papers and work your way to your personal belongings. It’s always satisfying to remove unnecessary items that are just lying around your room and you’ll be surprised with how much space you actually have after.

Call for a general cleaning at home.

Summer cleaning won’t be a bad idea too for a productive summer. Grab this opportunity to gather your entire family and call for a general cleaning because it is only during this season when most of the members are at home. Best to prioritize your room though since it’s your personal nest and you’re free to do whatever you want whether you’re organizing your stuff or arranging your entire wardrobe. General cleaning might not be the exact definition of an enjoyable summer, but think of it as a form of family bonding?

Hold a garage sale.

Now that you’re done decluttering and cleaning your home, we’re positive that there are quite a few things you’d want to get rid of. But instead of sending these straight to the dump, you can actually hold a garage sale. It’s a great way to interact with your neighbors and find a new home for your possessions and you’ll even earn some cash while you’re at it.

Look for job openings online.

We all know that it’s summer and all you want to do is enjoy every minute of your newfound freedom as a fresh graduate but you just can’t waste precious time not looking for job openings online. While you’re out at the beach basking under the sun and swimming to your heart’s content, don’t forget to squeeze in a few minutes of job hunting. You can always access the internet to search jobs wherever you may be this summer and list on your notebook the jobs you’d want to consider in the future. When summer’s all over, it’ll be easier for you when applying for a job.

Build DIY projects for your home.

There’s no perfect time to work on beautifying your home than this summer season. Pour all your creative juices into creating your DIY home projects and instantly be awed by the results. DIY projects are a great way to exhaust all your time and resources for the summer as these will not only bring out the artist in you but will also give your home the upgrade it deserves.

Catch up on your reading.

Remember how you hate it when you just can’t find the time to read your favorite book back in school? Well, now is the time to go back to your reading habit and read as many novels as you can. No one’s stopping you this summer as you immerse yourself in your all-time favorite book because reading is a good way to widen your perspective, improve your vocabulary and fuel your imagination.

Get in shape.

It’s never too late to work on getting yourself healthy and fit. Summer is just the right season for you to start your fitness journey by following a healthy exercise routine. Any routine is acceptable as long as it works well for your body whether you prefer jogging on your own, signing up at your nearest gym or simply walking your dogs around the neighborhood on a daily basis. There are no excuses to be made when your routine is designed based on your personal lifestyle.

Volunteer your time.

Make your summer a meaningful one and dedicate a few days of your week for a good cause. There’s a ton of opportunities you can find in the city and a lot of groups who are willing to accept your help. You’ll surely find something that’s close to your heart—from buildings homes, feeding children to volunteering at animal shelters — these activities are sure to bring greater purpose compared to how you normally spend your summer.

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