Realistic resolutions - Weekend

Realistic resolutions

Hear SunStar readers who’ve fulfilled a New Year’s promise or 2

By Cassandra C. Poculan


WE’RE about to welcome the new year which means getting that laundry list of resolutions ready. Many would argue that it is important to set goals at the beginning of the year, to dream big, and although there is nothing wrong with that, we should keep in mind that these resolutions need not be immense. Setting smaller, more realistic ones will help you stick to them as the year progresses. Learning from your behavior in 2018 and noting changes you have to make is already a step in the right direction. Take your cue from these readers who have managed to fulfill at least one of their resolutions.

Axl Marianito, 24
EXL Service Philippines

“I’m not a fan of listing my resolutions every year. But I always make sure to focus on the small steps and sometimes big leaps that I take every day to become the best in what I do and then the rewards that I deserve will just follow – be it a promotion at work or another set of good friends. I guess, the 2018 resolution I fulfilled was not having a resolution but still having become a better version of myself and I’m hoping for it to continue in the years to come.

Yolanthe Cruel, 27
Sociopreneur, MBA Student
Laboratory Manager/MHAM Diagnostics

“It has always been my desire to be better and be my best all the time. At the age of 23, I started my IT Healthcare Business along with my partner. I left my Medtech job the following year to stay more focused as I felt I could do more after which we then ventured to retail business segment of technology services. Now I am working towards affordable healthcare for better community interests. The excitement and happiness can’t be explained every time I see my company rapidly growing with the people who always believed in me.”

Kevin Fritz Arnaiz, 27
Medical Officer III/First Year Surgical Resident
Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

“2018 has been about enjoying the path of my career and experiencing adulthood by being able to pay for my own needs already and buying my wants through my earnings.”

Joseph Arong, 28
Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

“Earlier this year, I only wished I could get a stable job so I can support my family financially. True enough, I was given a chance to practice my skills and maximize my potential as a member of the concierge team in one of the five-star resorts in Cebu. Now I am able to sustain my family’s daily needs and expose myself to more opportunities in the hotel industry. Not only did I fulfill my 2018 resolution, I also found in myself a sense of responsibility and purpose and that is being a good father and a husband.”

Jonah Desabelle, LPT, 21
Special Education Teacher

“In hopes of getting a better future from a bitter past, we make promises at the first day of the year and call them New Year’s resolutions. We draw these promises on paper and keep them dearly only for harsh salt waters to drift them away. Nevertheless, I still made a promise to free the person and emotions I have caged for years; and instead of using paper, I listed it in my heart where it feels safe. This way, I thought, I could never go wrong. True indeed, I have kept my promise, and finally freed the prisoner in me when I found Jesus and His unbounded and unconditional love.”

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