Craving for new tastes - Weekend

Craving for new tastes

Foodies share wish list for new food concepts in Cebu

By Elisha Judy Tabaque
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WHO hates food? Absolutely, NO ONE. Aside from being a basic need, food has become a source of comfort, and for some, seeking new food experiences has become some sort of a hobby or a fave pastime. We call these gustatory enthusiasts “foodies,” or people who enjoy food for pleasure. Chances are, you’re a foodie as well. We asked food lovers what new food concepts they wish to discover, and here are a few food concepts they want to be brought in Cebu to spice up the emerging food landscape further:

Ma. Estela Caratol, 22
Online ESL Teacher

“Cebu is an undeniably great spot for hungry wanderers like me. I love pigging out. I can go out alone for a food trip and pig-out by myself! From local and foreign cuisines, mouthwatering street food, to new and creative food fusions — name it and Cebu has it. But no matter how much we love eating, millennials as we are, we also need to be more conscious on the daily dose of sugar, carbs, gluten, and all those calories entering our bodies. I think it is high time to welcome MORE creative, organic, healthy options BOTH for kids and adults. We need enhanced menus offering plant-based meals coupled with unique flavored drinks. Nothing beats organic!”

Ralyn Floralyn Tamarra Sevilla, 37
Real Estate Manager, Wedding Planner

“The food concept that I want to be brought in Cebu are similar with that of the Taco drive-through and food trucks in the United States. But, I would want the food to be comfort and street food like Ginabot, Ngohiong, Isaw etc. Drive-through for healthy food and for people on diet would also be a great idea, especially for a person like me who has much on the plate but wants to keep a healthy lifestyle.”

Ma. Antonietta Theresa Fernandez, 22
SocMed Marketing Analyst

“I saw in a friend’s snap, a dessert in New York wherein it’s a custard cake shaped like a plant. The pot is the custard, the earth is crushed oreos, there are leaves but mainly just for decorative purpose, and you “water” the plant with milk. Another thing, I also saw in a video was this restaurant in Italy that serves coffee in a cone coated with chocolate. Being a coffee and chocolate lover as well, I would really love to try it. I hope I get to see these food concepts around Cebu in the near future.”

Mark Anthony Ybañez, 25
Shirt Retailer

“In New York, there is this ‘Build your own burger’ thing. Since I’m a burger lover my idea is to have that here — make your own burger. You get to choose the ingredients you want to add like adding pork, beef or chicken. You can also pick the perfect vegetable match and sauce that you want to have for your burger. This concept has not penetrated Cebu yet, so I guess this is a better food trip for Cebuanos who are burger lovers like me.”

Joseph Ryan Perez, 36
Publishing Consultant at Author Solutions

“I keep coming back to this restaurant called ‘Cocoy Pares’ (in Manila) for the good food and the nostalgia. It is a nondescript, roadside, no-fuss diner without air-conditioner, where a cross section of Philippine society would be seen feasting on their famous ‘pares’ at any given time. The term ‘Pares’ commonly refers to Beef Pares, a braised beef meal served with rice and a bowl of soup that originates from Manila.

“To me, the beef pares of this restaurant is the best I ever had. In fact, I consider this restaurant as a novelty dining experience that I would like my friends to discover. It also helps that because of the very cheap price of their meal, it wouldn’t hurt treating friends to Cocoy’s. Their beef pares is tender and sweet, with very minimal spices and no-frills presentation, which I can describe as standard to all their dishes. There is really nothing fancy and nothing extraordinary to look forward to except for the food, and that is the best thing about the place. It has no pretensions of becoming a high-end specialty restaurant with prices that would turn-off their loyal working class customers.

“Aside from serving the ‘pares to die for,’ they have the tastiest fried rice to go with it. The one-cup serving is generous, and the preparation ensures very minimal suggestion of cooking oil. It’s fried rice minus the oily aftertaste. There was a time I can take down a full serving and an extra rice. It was THAT good.

“Cocoy’s has been around for a while. A testimony to the delicious offerings they serve customers. I started eating here during the early 90’s when I was in high school and a short distance away from our school in project 6, and since then I have seen how this restaurant had outsold and outlived all its competition. There have been other restaurants that opened and attempted to give it a run for its money, but Cocoy’s held fast and stayed even as others would just come and go. Cocoy’s proved to be the best food to satisfy your hunger at a very affordable price. I want it here in Cebu. I’m sure Cebuanos will love it!”

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