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18 unforgettable memes of 2018

By Naomi Liao, STC Masscomm Intern


FILIPINOS are known to be quick in creating and sharing memes, those humorous posts that spread rapidly online. And because Filipinos find humor in almost everything, just about anything becomes meme material. Foreign memes are eagerly shared as well, if not given local flair and flavor. With all the negativity happening around us, some laugh-out-loud humor that these memes bring about won’t hurt, right? Here are 18 memes that we sure did enjoy this year:

“Wala na, finish na”

In a news segment, one Bethoven Delmar Jr., 25, was arrested for attempting to rape a woman. When he was interviewed and asked about the horrible act, he simply admitted and blamed it on alcohol and drugs and said, “Swerte pa ako kasi hindi pa si Duterte yang nakaupo. Eh kung si Duterte, wala na finish na.”

“Advance ako mag isip”

Arrested during an undercover operation against drugs, Albert Mangapit said his intentions were to help the Philippines. The 25-year-old call center agent even said he had good intentions when he did what he did, saying “There’s a lot of things you can do about the money from the Kush, 1.5 per kilo. I can change the Philippines. I can run for politics. Advance ako mag-isip. Look at Antipolo, how much is the land area of Antipolo? Unused. Good for farming marijuana.” Now the famous line “Advance ako mag isip” is being used by netizens in different relatable context.

“Bakit ako matatakot?”

This became a meme when a drunk man named Jun Calumpiano dared President Rodrigo Duterte to a gunfight. Calumpiano was arrested by the authorities due to illegal possession and discharge of firearm. “Duterte, mag-draw tayo! Bigyan mo ako ng baril. Sige, walang problema. Ba’t aka matatakot?!” Calumpiano said.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has become a meme ever since he ran for the presidency. With the amount of hate Trump has drawn, netizens grab at any chance to turn him into a meme and make fun of him. His face has been used in numerous posts that never fail to crack us up.

“I love your accent”

Filipinos sure know how to have a good laugh even if it means making fun of our own — the way we talk, for instance. Here is a meme about Filipino accents that are somewhat true.

“Suntukan nalang tayo Sir”

This line became a meme when a guy who was arrested by the authorities dared the police officers in a fist fight, saying “Suntukan nalang tayo.”

The Drake Meme

Drake is a famous singer. He released a music video for his song “Hotline Bling” in 2015. In the video, he was dancing to the music and as creative as the netizens are, they took a screenshot of the moves and turned it into a meme for relatable posts.

Cardo Dalisay

A character portrayed by Coco Martin in the neverending telenovela “Probinsyano,” Cardo Dalisay became a favorite of the masses. Filipinos eventually started to make fun of how long the show has been running, hence the Cardo Dalisay memes.

Expanding Brain meme

This meme is a netizens’ favorite when comparing how people do things differently.

Mocking SpongeBob

This meme comes from the animated comedy series “SpongeBob SquarePants”. Netizens have been using the “mocking Spongebob” photo to indicate a derisory tone towards a certain topic, an opinion, or point of view.

Unique memes like Unique Salonga memes

Unique Salonga left his band IV of Spades to go solo, but he is without a doubt still popular. He gained much attention after the release of the IV of Spades song “Mundo.” It got so famous that people started creating a meme out of the song with Uniques face all over it.

Willie memes

Willie Revillame has been a game show host for as long as we can remember, too long that a meme had to be created about him.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo memes

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo becoming the newest Speaker of the House has gained much violent reactions online. But instead of getting all fussed about her political comeback, netizens decided to lighten the situation and made memes of the newly elected speaker needing to shout at colleagues as the sound system was turned off.

“You’re Road”

In an episode from a reality TV show “90 Day Fiancé,” a woman named Jenny was furious when his fiancé Larry wouldn’t eat the food her family prepared for him. Jenny told Larry he was rude. But because of her accent, it sounded like she was saying “You’re Road.”

Grade school me

We honestly don’t know where it started but this meme for sure is a walk down memory lane, and never fails to trigger a happy nostalgia.

The “world-class vape” talent

Who would ever forget Joven Olvido, the “vape guy” who joined Pilipinas Got Talent? Everyone thought he was an expert in vaping but it turned out to be the total opposite.

“Obvious ba?”

This catchphrase is from a news segment wherein a woman, together with her baby, mistakenly boarded a private van. When the driver asked her to leave, she refused and said, “Bakit ka nang-iistorbo ng tulog?” When the driver asked her if she was even sleeping, the annoyed woman answered, “Obvious ba?”

“Pano mo nasabi?”

This (in)famous line was derived from an interview with a guy who was suspected to stab two women in a bar. When the suspect was asked if he was using illegal drugs he simply answered “Paano mo nasabi? Ipa drug test nga eh para malaman nyo.”

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