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Time for a Fool-fledged Easter Egg Hunt

By Christian Jay B. Quilo


THE Easter Egg Hunt is a tradition children truly enjoy and look forward to every year. This year, Easter happens to fall on the first of April which means it’s also April Fools’ Day! To inject some humor into this well-loved activity, here are 10 fun things you can put inside the Easter eggs. But in the true spirit of Easter egg hunting, give the kids and kids-at-heart the good stuff after, so everyone’s happy. Enjoy!

A tiny Easter egg… inside another Easter egg

Like a Russian nesting doll, get Easter eggs of different sizes and place them inside of each other. It will build excitement!

An old bill

If you still have some old denominations like the five- or ten-peso bill lying around, put them to good use — roll them up and put into the Easter eggs. This will give the kids a glimpse into our country’s history, what the coins they have now used to look like.

A reminder of a chore they have to do back home

“Charlie, don’t forget to clean up the mess you made in your room!” Just a gentle reminder.

Hand sanitizer

Kids are not yet very conscious of sanitation and hygiene. For positive association, get ones with designs or packaging inspired by their favorite characters. Germs, be gone!

A piece of homework

Choose one where they did well and remind them of the good work they’ve done. Stay in school, kids!

An old photo of mom and dad

Show them what mom and dad looked like when they were in their age. They might even think it’s them!

A bottle of cough syrup

Because kids absolutely love cough syrup! Sarcasm aside, this will remind them of fun times between parent and kid as the former tries his or her best to get the latter to take a spoonful. Ah, the struggle.

Old school candy

Mik-Mik, Yakee, Bobot—all these bring back memories of running to the sari-sari store for a quick fix of sugar. Nostalgia for us, discovery for the kids.

A pack of raisins

They’re black, wrinkly and they taste weird. Yum. Although not all, most kids would not find raisins appetizing. Some even carry this disliking well into adulthood.


Remember these small discs we used to play with as kids? Today’s generation of kids probably have no idea what Pogs are, which makes them the perfect toys to put inside the Easter eggs. Introduce them to the simple joys of the past.

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