The horrific clique

10 iconic characters in horror films

By Christian Jay B. Quilo

HORROR is a polarizing film genre: One half enjoys the thrill, the gore, the bloody ending; while the other half is the eyes-closed and ears-covered kind of people who regret their decision 10 minutes into the film. But while these frightening flicks have the audience divided, there’s no denying that the main antagonists in these films have become icons in their own right. From cult classics to recent iterations, here are 10 iconic characters in horror films:

Carrie from Carrie

Probably the most epic scene from the film: At her senior prom, Carrie is soaked in pig’s blood onstage after her classmates pull a prank on her. Enraged, she slowly levitates and with her telekinetic abilities, just starts causing wanton destruction in the school gym. But then again, she’s not exactly bad to the core; just a girl scorned and wronged by society for being different.

Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street

Imagine dreaming of strolling by the River Seine, you’re enjoying the crisp fall weather and looking at the lights softly reflected in the water… and then suddenly, a burned serial killer wearing a glove with razor blades comes out of nowhere and attacks you! The cherry on top of this scary sundae: If he kills you in your dreams, you’re dead in real life, too!

Chucky from Child’s Play

A criminal named Charles Lee Ray is pursued by the police and before he dies from a gunshot wound, he cheats death by transferring his soul to a doll through a spell—and that is the genesis of Chucky the murder doll. And did I mention Chucky has an equally murderous girlfriend, too?

Annabelle from Annabelle

Another doll in this list albeit less of a knife-stabbing machine and more of a soul-possessing demon kind. Just looking at her face alone — with those crazy eyes and devious smile — just sends chills down my spine.

Valak from The Nun

Like Annabelle, Valak also had its first appearance in The Conjuring but was given an origin film that was released just last month. Just to clarify, Valak is not a nun exactly. It is a demonic entity who just happens to be possessing the body of a dead nun.

Slender Man from Slender Man

Like the stilted men you see in circus shows and carnivals, Slender Man is tall and towering—except he doesn’t have a face, wears a tuxedo and has pointed tentacle-like limbs. Having origins as an Internet meme, the Slender Man is believed to be summoned through a ritual. The scariest part is there were actual news reports about people trying to summon it that involved violence.

Ghostface from Scream

If you browse through the selection of masks during Halloween, you will most likely see Ghostface’s — it’s that iconic. Although it’s not the most terrifying of masks, it’s still spooky nonetheless. Remember that scene from Scream where Drew Barrymore looks through the glass wall and screams as she comes face to face with Ghostface. I’d react the same way, Drew.

Pennywise from IT

Clowns already have an infamous reputation among children and they had to make a movie about a spirit in the form of a clown that terrorizes kids — that definitely makes business easier for those who dress up as clowns for a living. In all fairness to Pennywise though, his ensemble, that ruffled collar especially, is very Victorian-chic. If he’s taking children away, he’s doing it in style, y’all.

Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

To cover his face that was disfigured due to a disease and he was ridiculed for all his life, he takes off the skin from his victim’s faces and makes them into a mask — talk about… creativity! To up the ante, he chases people around with a huge, whizzing chainsaw!

Sadako from The Ring

She comes out of the television, and then from a deep well — this girl just loves coming out of things and crawling in Vogue-like fashion towards her next victim. Note the extra-ashen complexion and long black hair that could pass her off as a model for a whitening soap or shampoo commercial.

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