Plants for the Non-Pros - Weekend

Plants for the Non-Pros

LET’S face it, not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to grow a plant, you just can’t keep it alive. Whether you’re a newbie to this whole planting thing or have already gone through multiple attempts with little to no luck, here’s a list of low maintenance plants you can grow here in the Philippines. But take note: just because they’re low maintenance, that doesn’t mean they’ll thrive with absolutely zero TLC. Don’t forget to take care of the basics like sunlight, water and soil.


Aside from having beautiful flowers, the Kalachuchi is also known for its fragrant aroma. This plant can get quite big but if you prefer a more compact size, you can control its growth by putting it in a planter.

Bird’s Nest Fern (Dapo)

Its broad verdant leaves are sure to add some zest to a space. Best in partly shaded areas, this plant thrives well indoors.


The intricate layering of its leaves is quite a spectacle. The leaves also vary in color—green, orange or yellow—which means the plant does not only add texture but also color to a room.

Ti Plant

The maroon-streaked leaves grow generously along the stem, so if you want to make it look more tamed, you can keep the growth near the tip and cut the rest.

Peanut Plant

While the peanuts grow underground, bright yellow flowers sprout above. Pretty flowers to pick and fresh peanuts to harvest? This one’s pretty much a win-win.


The leaves also get pretty crazy on this one so regular trimming is needed. Although the Rhapis is fine indoors, it is still advised to take the plant outside from time to time.

San Francisco

With leaves in a vibrant mix of red, green, yellow and orange, the San Francisco is visually stunning. Grow in clusters or groups for a stronger visual. As long as the soil is kept moist, this plant won’t require much watering.

Buhok ni Esther

With its wispy grayish leaves, this hanging plant has a different kind of charm. According to myth, Esther was a supernatural entity whose hair got blown by the wind.


Known to be a natural air freshener and detoxifier, this plant is great for indoors. It’s definitely more than just its lush leaves.


You probably know this as the flower that kids use to make dainty crowns and accessories with. While the Santan is low maintenance, it does need ample exposure to sunlight and trimming to keep it tidy.

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