Stress-busting secrets - Weekend

Stress-busting secrets

Readers reveal how they survive stress

By Cassandra C. Poculan
Photo: Associated Press


HAVE you ever wondered how some people sail through a busy work week and still manage to stay sane and look human, while others get worked up over even the smallest inconvenience? Yes, we all have the same hours in a day as Beyonce does, but the way we deal with everyday stressors differs.

While stress has become part of modern life – in fact, some health problems are now attributed to it – there are ways to combat it. Here are some tried-and-true tricks from our readers for when you’re running on empty and need to fill up that tank.

Paolo Rigotti, 35

“As an entrepreneur and college dean, my schedule may get very hectic at times, and even if I’m passionate about my job, it may cause some stress every now and then. I’m the type of guy who likes to keep myself busy, and even when I want to relax, I don’t want to get sedentary and not being productive. It may be just doing photography for my Instagram, or editing videos for my YouTube Channel, or just experimenting on some new recipes in the kitchen – as long I’m being creative that’s my go-to stress reliever. But my favorite happy place when I need a break is definitely at the farm. Not only can I look after my coffee trees for my cafe, but farming offers a kind of satisfaction not often found in other tasks. It’s extremely rewarding to be able to produce something from nothing, and the landscape and the quietness offers the perfect escape from the office and the city life.”

Tyra Espineli, 20
4th Year B.S. Biology Student
Cebu Doctors’ University

“As a fourth year pre-med student, stress is inevitable. With exams, quizzes, and practicals that may pile up in a day, you’ll definitely end your day drained. One thing I have learned is to never force yourself. If you feel tired, give yourself a break – sleep, hang out with friends, or treat yourself, because forcing yourself to do something even if you’re tired would be a waste of time. So as much as possible, I always give myself a good night’s sleep.”

Myrtle Javier, 27
Registered Nurse
Shearwater Health

“My go-to stress reliever is eating. I like to cave in to my cravings or look for a place to eat good food when I am stressed and I usually let my family and friends join me. Some days, play time with my nephews really help or a bottle of beer would be perfect too. Lastly, to balance it out, I run to release tension and clear my mind.”

Kim Manubag, 24
JR Admin Support
Raso Solutions

“When life just can’t stop throwing punches, I usually binge-watch season 9 of How I Met Your Mother, grab a bottle of my favorite tea drink, and let myself drown in the beauty of life as told by Ted Mosby, or sometimes I ride the ferry to Mactan just to see open water. It really depends on the level of stress I’m in.”

Krystyl de Gracia, 23
Customer Service Agent
Philippine Airlines

“I get too worked up and overwhelmed at work that I find myself stressed out by the end of the day. I think it’s really important to find balance between work and personal time by doing the things that make you happy. And I do that by playing with my dogs during my downtime. It’s my way of relieving stress after a long day at work. I also find time to catch some really good sleep as much as I can. It makes you feel and look better the next day.”

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