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Hangover hacks

Weekend readers share how they get the hang of hangovers

By Cassandra C. Poculan


THEY say that no great story started with someone eating a salad. It always involves alcohol. That may be true but when consumed in excessive amounts, “just one more” could be one too many. Anyone who’s ever suffered from a hangover the morning after (more like the mourning after) has sworn at some point that they would never drink again but when the next weekend rolls around, they’re back at it again. Splitting headaches, dehydration, and that unending hunger are just some of the most common symptoms of a hangover and because our bodies metabolize alcohol differently, the remedies that work for us also differ. Here are a few hangover cures that our readers swear by.

Lea Abad, 24
Registered Nurse

“I’ve been through a lot of hangovers myself and it’s never been the easiest journey to find the perfect cure. I had this crazy hangover last October 2017, the worst one I’ve ever had. I felt like puking whenever I smelled food but couldn’t not eat since work would start in two hours. I was walking around Raintree Mall when I saw a halo-halo poster and decided to try a bowl. Would you believe that cured my hangover? Neither could I! After the first spoonful, I felt relief wash over my entirety. Hangover no more! The thing is, you really have to find what’s best for you. There’s no perfect cure, what may work for others may not work for you. And up to now, I still swear on my life that HALO-HALO cured my worst hangover, by far more effective than all the infamous hangover cures I’ve heard about.”

Armie Garde, 29
Social Media Manager
Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu

“I don’t drink often, especially lately. I only do on important occasions and celebrations. I rarely experience hangovers, but when I did in the past, the best cure for me were lots and lots of water, a cup of green tea and a good, restful, long sleep the morning after.”

Paul de la Cerna, 25
Registered Nurse

“I make it a point to drink lots of water during and after the drinking session. Then after waking up the next day, I only have hot soup. Instant noodles usually does the trick. No solid food, though, as it can terribly upset my stomach. This hydration without food method has been tried and tested by me for so many times, I can say it is foolproof.”

Claire Auxilio, 23
Project Management Officer

“Some people may encounter headaches and muscles aches while others experience overfatigue and weakness. For me, there’s no better way to cure hangover than by rehydrating yourself by drinking lots of fluids especially water to prevent dehydration.”

Angelie Palicte, 31
Sales and Marketing Manager
Best Western Plus Lex Cebu

“There is no really perfect cure for hangovers but this routine really works for me (lol). I usually take my Cellsential supplements and vitamin C to detoxify myself. I also see to it that I keep myself hydrated by drinking warm water with drops of lemon oil, not to mention the peppermint oil that keeps me sober.”

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