Centrestaged - Weekend


By Michael Karlo Lim


HUNGOVER Hong Kong from our recent trip during Fashion Week, we hit this hub city shortly after for the third installment of Centrestage – sia’s Fashion Spotlight by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council. Hopping from fashion shows to mini parades, seminars and panels and discovering over 220 international brands at the exhibition had to be done in style.

Day one had me playing up volume in yet another oversized white button front with cropped slacks. Zara’s take on the sock sneaker finishes the fit in laceless single-piece, sport booties with a sock-style design in technical fabric. A thermoformed, split-effect sole provides all-day comfort. Also, on volume, Kat paired a beige Margiela number with black drop-crotch pants and Costume Nacional heels. The current net bag figures here with fruit. There has to be some fruit.

I finally debuted my Bermuda suit. I took it walking around town in Hong Kong’s still bipolar weather, and a pearl-bedecked auntie on the street accosted me with the question of how I can wear such a thing in that humidity. “Fashun, auntie. Fashun.” Seriously, unlined cotton polyblends and what falls under cutoffs allow temperature regulation. Multiple cold drinks and airconditioned stops help, too. Bershka high sock sneakers in ill-advised white and yellow stripe detail add to the schoolboy look.

Denim on denim

As I frequently point out, we maximize wear per pack with exchanges within the trip. Her spin on the oversized white shirt is pairing it with Promod Gaspard jeans, metallic silver waffle-soles and, at this point, that immortal Portuguese straw hat.

While I’m joined at the hip with The PussyKat, we’ve never been the couple’s shirt kind. We do matching prints instead. I in Glen Plaid drop-crotch, cropped pants and her in a ruffled top and hi-waisted pencil skirt coord. On-trend sock and somewhat polarizing ugly sneakers, respectively.

Drop-crotch pants

Our last day had her strutting in a pair of patchwork jeans about to return to the trend cycle and a ribbed-knit top with structural sleeves. Arp earrings from Kim Jones-Rosales’ Fore Series and a Golda King print tote elevate the eclectic look.

As it is with arrivals, so should it be with exits. Took cues from Pyer Moss in these Rafe Totenco-designed denim Judo Pants, dark denim shirt and Left/Right text print pleather round toe derbys from the inescapable Hennes & Mauritz.

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