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Your money at work

Inflation-proof investments you can count on

By Patricia May P. Catan and Christian Jay B. Quilo


IF THE spike in the country’s inflation rate has gotten your attention, perhaps it’s high time to put your hard-earned money to good use. Investments that allow you to reap benefits in the near or distant future are what you need in an economy like ours. If you’re wondering where you should invest your money in, here are five experts in their respective fields to tell you why it’s time you should consider these particular investments:

Real estate

“With today’s soaring inflation, people get frantic. This is understandable as inflation, after all, is tantamount to rising cost of gasoline and prime commodities, among others. An industry that actually benefits from inflation is real estate. With inflation, real properties appreciate or increase in value, and can be used for other investments. Therefore, when people invest on real estate, they have a gold mine in their possession. Your future is solid, your financial stability is assured, and inflation is no threat to you.” — Carlo Genove, certified real estate broker and business development manager of Tytans Properties and Development Inc.


“There’s no way getting around inflation. However, the sooner we invest in
say, insurance, the sooner we reap the benefits of it. Investing in insurance is a much better way to use one’s funds rather than just keeping it idly at home or in banks, which have very low interest rates. With insurance, you can also invest in the stock market and even protect yourself health coverage-wise, which is essential considering how expensive medicine is these days.” — Chris Brandon Go, entrepreneur and financial consultant for Pru Life


“During a rise in inflation, art has a history of rebounding well across all market sectors. In an uncertain market, art collectors purchase art with an investment view, but also satisfy their taste to own beautiful fine art objects. A beautiful piece of art is tangible, in which value will remain even if the market is shaky. There is also prestige associated with art ownership that will never change, even if the market value changes.” — Dennis “Sio” Montera, visual artist and director of Qube Gallery


“With the crazy inflation rate, one should be wise on where to invest their money. And one wise thing to invest is in authentic jewelry. As a wearable form of wealth, some people consider it a more secure investment option compared to others that deal with land or stocks. The worth of gold and gemstones steadily increase over the years, that’s why it’s a guarantee that one will get their money’s worth over time.” — Oro China Group of Companies representative

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