Fone care 101 - Weekend

Fone care 101

10 practical tips to care for your smartphone

By Christian Jay B. Quilo

IN THIS day and age, the cellphone has almost become every person’s electronic appendage. Whether it’s for work or personal leisure, our eyes and hands are glued to our phones. But knowing how efficient and multi-functional it is, who can you blame right? Since it is an investment, it is only right that we give it the care it deserves. Here are 10 practical tips to care for your cellphone:

Store or place it properly when not in use. Don’t just shove your phone down your bag. The screen might get scratched by sharp items or you might drop your bag only to remember that your phone is at the bottom. And the back pocket is not the best place for a phone unless you want it becoming an easy target by pickpockets or forgetting to pull it out before sitting down and end up breaking it in half.

Invest in a good case. It’s not just an accessory to add pizzazz to your phone. Get a case that can actually give your phone adequate coverage and protection.

Get a screen protector. A broken screen is not pretty and a replacement doesn’t come cheap. When taking it out on the beach or any body of water, get a waterproof case. Stop the “I’ll just be extra careful” mentality because you will regret this so much when your phone gets soaked or worse, drop the entire thing in the ocean or pool. And when getting a waterproof case, get a legit and trusty one — the extra expense is worth it.

Do not drop your phone. I know we don’t actually drop our phones on purpose but it is important to hold and handle them with care. We all can relate to that moment: we drop our phone, pause in shock, recollect ourselves and hope for the best as we pick it up. It’s also best not to hand them to little kids like your baby brother or little niece as they’re not exactly the most cautious.

Clean it regularly. Use a proper screen wipe to clean off your phone. It is indeed a fact that the cellphone screen is one of the dirtiest things in the world so wipe it down thoroughly and frequently with those antibacterial screen wipes —this is more for your sake than the phone’s. Don’t forget to clean your case as well.

Maintain a good battery percentage. Do not let your phone’s battery reach zero nor overcharge it as this can damage the battery and its charge cycle. When your phone reaches less than 50 percent, recharge if you can.

Avoid exposing it to heat or liquid. When you rest your phone on a table, make sure it isn’t near liquids like a glass of water or a bowl of soup. Your phone is literally one accident away from soaking it to potential death. Also, do not place two active gadgets on top of each other as this generates heat.

Back up important files regularly. God forbid your phone gets stolen or it gets infected with a lethal virus that corrupts the memory, make sure all your important files are synced in your cloud or saved in a different gadget like your laptop. Imagine the horror if all the OOTDs you shot to post on your IG in the coming weeks get accidentally get deleted.

Purge unused apps and old files. Make it a habit to clean out your phone memory frequently, if you’re like me who downloads apps that I use for a few weeks and then end up forgetting they even existed a month or so after or downloads an app because I *think* I *might* need it. The less clutter you have on your phone, the more space you have for the more important stuff like extra memory space for all the touristy shots you’ll be taking in your upcoming trip to Seoul or Bali.

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