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Food and forever

What dish can you live with every day for the rest of your life?

By Cassandra C. Poculan
Photo: N.S. Villaflor


HAVE you ever sunk your teeth into something so gloriously delicious that you couldn’t help but sing praises in between bites? It could be something as simple as a family recipe that has starred in every occasion, a go-to carb-laden comfort food that soothes the soul but also induces self-loathing afterward, or something exotic that may be an acquired taste to many but it just knocks your socks off. If one day the universe decided to let you eat only that and nothing else for the rest of your life, would it still be as gratifying? We asked readers what their favorites are.

Joseff Buncalan, 25

“Nothing beats fried chicken for every day. I could definitely eat fried chicken every day for the rest of my life. I love fried chicken and it is my comfort food. When I’m happy, I eat fried chicken. Sad? Fried chicken. Filipino parties are not complete without fried chicken. When drinking with friends, too. Imagine eating varieties of fried chicken each day? I mean, it’s not that healthy. But hey, it’s delicious!”

Shazna Bersabal, 26
Resident, Department of Medicine
Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital

“Ramen. Even the instant ones you can buy from the convenience stores. But my guilty pleasure surely are the ones with day-long stewed broth that I get from my favorite ramen places. Having ramen over dinner with friends is my go-to stress relief/therapy.”

Katrina Castillo, 26
Legal Assistant
Schwabe Williamson and Wyatt PC

“Definitely my Papa’s adobo. I’ve tried to recreate it and he tried teaching me but it’s never the same. It just reminds me of home!”

Aimae Basilan, 24
Sales Account Executive
Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises & Azamara Club Cruises

“Mine would have to be potatoes! I can eat fries and potato wedges every day. Potatoes are also a good source of carbohydrates and could be an alternative to rice. They are easy to find in the market, can be cooked many different ways, and of course, are nutritious.”

Napoleon Retubado Jr., 26
Events Host and Singer
The Bride and I Events Management

“If I could eat something every day for the rest of my life, that would be Malabar spinach also known as vine spinach (Basella alba). As a food lover and a person who loves to cook at home, there’s something about Malabar spinach that makes me addicted to it. I love spinach because aside from it’s super nutritious, it also has this magical and tempting taste that I can’t resist. Another good reason to eat Malabar spinach is that it has a good amount of antioxidants, particularly beta carotene and lutein, those naturally occurring chemicals that help keep your cells from aging. So practically, I can just live eating it every day and besides, I don’t have to worry because I can experiment with 10 to 15 recipes out of it.”

Lou Ronaldfred Batua, 26
Accounting Manager
Lexmark Cebu

“In my nine visits to Geneva, Switzerland for work, I have grown fond of Swiss panini and Swiss Branche chocolates. I would probably be able to live eating just panini jambon every day as a source of calcium and protein and a daily dose of Branche chocolates to boost energy. A life without chocolates is not a sweet life.”

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