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The summer escape plan

By Tiny Diapana

Living in the city can be daunting. Eight-hour shifts, traffic that can go as slow as a slug and unbearable summer heat can chip away at the most enduring soul when bared out in succession. Everyone needs a break every now and then – what is summer without a little rest and recreation, yes?

With a line of Holy Week holidays easing up the calendar, SunStar Weekend’s decided to ask a few city-dwelling and city-working Cebuanos what kind of escape plan they have prepared for the long weekend.

Well, I’d like to take a bus headed towards the north or a bus round south. I’ve always wanted to take a spontaneous ride around the island but haven’t been able to because of the lack of time. If I can’t take my joy trip during the summer holidays, I could also try going up the mountain near our place. Take a break from the online world for at least one day. Take a shot at writing. — Jae Mari Magdadaro

Holy week holidays are reserved for family get togethers. There’s also a recharge camp I plan to join in Citichurch but I haven’t decided yet. Holy Week is a time for God and Family. But outside of it, this year we plan to go to Cebu beaches, re-trek Cebu mountains and outside of Cebu mountains too if we get invites. Sumilon! Or Alcoy or Badian! — Kresia Julio

This coming Holy Week, I plan to either stay at home in Carcar and participate in the annual Good Friday activities, or travel to a remote place to relax and take a short vacation away from the city. I’m considering a travel to an island somewhere nearby Cebu, no specific details yet. Still scouting prices at the moment. Maybe it might be too expensive. Who knows. — Romeo Bonsucan

We’re having a family trip to Japan. We will be sightseeing in Osaka for about a week. We’re planning to visit Universal Studios and then perhaps get a glimpse of Cherry Blossoms. My family and I decided on Japan because the odds are in our favor since my lola resides there. — Archer Casio

I am planning to enjoy the Holy Week with my family in one of the beach resorts in Southern Cebu. I am planning to look for a beach resort that could also cater a retreat-related activity for the family. The season is also perfect for one to reflect about life regardless of religion. We are going to Alcoy. Southern Cebu, aside from having pristine beaches, also has old churches. Belonging to a religious family (I am an agnostic though), Southern Cebu was suitable for the family’s Visita Iglesia. — Bryl Salazar Yucaran

This is the only time the family is all in one place, what with some living elsewhere and others studying endlessly. When we get together, we go all out, mostly food-wise. We try to get away from the city as far as humanly possible (i.e. Northern Cebu). All the fresh air! And, at night, we watch horror movies and pretend to freak out when the almost inevitable brown out happens in the middle of a film. — Julia Celine Absin

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