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Readers share money-saving hacks for the dreaded ‘tingbits’

By Cassandra C. Poculan
Photos: Contributed


FIRST things first, let’s define the word “tingbits.” A contraction of “ting bitay,” it’s a colloquial term coined for that period right before payday when money is tight. It’s not ideal, but most people have experienced living paycheck to paycheck at some point. While it can stress you out, it can also get you to think outside the box and explore side hustles. It is often during this time when you discover just how creative you are in stretching a buck, and how much self-control you actually have. Still looking for ideas? These tips from our readers could come in handy.

Andi Lim, 29
Account Executive
Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

“I love shopping, but during tingbits I end up just filling my online shopping cart with items I can’t purchase until after the payday. And basically just do everything that doesn’t require going out — movie nights at home, dinner at home, date nights at home.”

Sinjin Pineda, 27
Travel and Lifestyle Blogger
Sinjin.Life and

“When it’s ‘pineapple tingbits’ season, I only bring with me the exact amount I intend to spend for that day. I make it a point to eat a lot at home before going out. But if eating out is unavoidable, Jollibee’s Jolli-savers, Chowking Chao Fan, and Dimsum Break’s Combo Meal 1 are my life savers. Also, less Grab, more commute — not only do you save some pesos, you get to burn some calories as well. Finally, desperate times call for desperate measures — I can always call mom for some financial help (hahaha).”

Francine Lazaga, 24
Online Freelance Writer

“I always prepare for those tingbits days by stocking up on some snacks and other shiz on my payday, so when the budget isn’t joking about being pretty tight on some days, I wouldn’t have to worry about starving to death. Also, I just look for a really good series to watch so I wouldn’t be tempted to go out and spend my money on unnecessary things. In that way, I’ll be so hung up on what will happen on the next episode and I wouldn’t even bother going outside. It’s always about planning ahead for me.”

Caren Everette Lim, 26
Registered Pharmacist

“My ultimate goal when I am in the midst of a tingbits moment is to make my money last until the next payday. My tingbits hack is to bring my own food to work. It has always been effective for me. This way, I get to reach my goal and, at the same time, I enjoy healthy home-cooked meals.”

Elyanna Yasi, 24
Performance Analyst
ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO

“Critical wallet days require critical strategic ways. During these days, I go to work with just enough money on me (P100 to P200). The budget I have should already be enough for my lunch, snacks, and fare. These critical days are the days when I choose pantry/carenderia over restaurants/diners and jeepney rides over taxi/Grab.”

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