10 unsung heroes you meet every day - Weekend

10 unsung heroes you meet every day

By Patricia May P. Catan
Illustrations: R.D. Santizas


UNSUNG heroes are of a different kind. They don’t wear capes nor have superpowers, but what makes them one is the resiliency and strength they show that no fictional hero can compare. These unsung heroes face real-life challenges and yet, still help people around them. Let’s get to know 10 unsung heroes you would meet every day.

The driver taking you to work.

Personally taking you safely to your workplace and braving the traffic are the different drivers you encounter every day, may it be the jeepney driver, Grab driver, taxi driver or even your family driver.

Street cleaners.

These street cleaners start their day right before sunrise to do the daily cleaning of our city. They help maintain the cleanliness of our environment, so before you decide to litter garbage anywhere, think about who’s cleaning them after for you.

Security guards at your office.

Aside from assuring the safety of everyone in the office, these security guards do the pleasure of opening the door for you and greeting you once you’re in the office.

Baggers at a grocery store.

They may not seem like it, but baggers at grocery stores are heroes, too. They make sure to properly and securely store all your grocery items into a bag or box and even carry them for you to your car.

The maid who works at your house.

The maid reports every day to have your entire house cleaned, does your laundry, and cooks your meals. They help maintain your house when you can’t, and that’s what makes them a hero.

Waiters and waitresses at restaurants.

Waiters and waitresses deserve recognition for their hard work in patiently taking orders and serving customers, especially on bad days when they encounter rude diners but still wear a smile and willingly serve them.

Construction workers.

These construction workers built the house you’re living in right now, built the mall you frequent to, and built your current workplace. Being a construction worker is no easy job — it means sacrificing one’s life as it does get dangerous. Construction workers spend most of their days working on site while getting paid with just a paltry amount, and yet they still work their best.

The barista at your favorite coffee shop.

Baristas are there to help you get your coffee fix before conquering your day’s work. They meticulously prepare your favorite drink and will gladly leave you an encouragement note that’s enough to get you through the day.


They work long hours in a day to help the sick but are paid the bare-minimum. Nurses do their work out of passion despite the poor compensation, because their patients’ lives matter most and families rely on them.

Friends who go the extra mile for you.

Be thankful for friends who are more than willing to do anything for you. It’s a sign that they’re for keeps and deserve to be in your life, because they’ll stay by your side even when times get tough.

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