Staying positive amid gloomy weather - Weekend

Staying positive amid gloomy weather

By Deneb Batucan & Patricia Catan


DON’T let the crying skies ruin your mood and counteract it by simply putting your mind and heart in a happy place. Be your own sunshine during the rainy season and things will brighten up for you throughout the rainy months. Happy thoughts definitely make for a brighter day.

Read a book while waiting for the rain to stop

In case you’re stranded at school or work due to heavy rains, always bring your favorite novel with you to keep you company. Waiting out the pouring rain might get a little boring and what better way to keep you busy than reading a book. It’s always better to have your mind occupied rather than have your thoughts idle.

Never leave your umbrella at home in this unpredictable weather

Don’t forget to bring an umbrella with you when you’re out doing errands because an umbrella is your only protection from the harsh rains. Everything will be made more convenient for you if you always have your umbrella ready since we can never tell if the rain is going to pour hard on us.

Plan an outfit that could withstand the pouring rain

The weather’s a fickle friend. It could be sun shiny on one hour and the next could be heavy rains. A convertible layered outfit could help you through the hot and cold weather. Try to stick to the basics also — a cotton shirt, comfortable pants, a sturdy jacket, and some sneakers could go a long way.

Make a happy playlist

The weather can bring you down sometimes, especially when heavy rains equal to heavy traffic! Make a go-to rainy day playlist to keep you company in the crowded public commute. Fill it with songs that could uplift you — Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling” could certainly brighten up a gloomy day; or the lovely rhythm and lyrics of Incubus’ “Echo” could keep your tempers from firing up. But of course, if you’re into sad song, no one’s going to stop you. Blast out any of Adele’s or Sam Smith’s tracks if you couldn’t be bothered with the cold.


Wardrobe: Urban Lifestyle, 2nd Floor, Axis Entertainment Avenue
Stylist: Christian Quilo
HMUA: Karlo Damolo and Jerwin Batastas
Model: Aurora Fernandez
Locale: Axis Entertainment Avenue
Photographer: Ernest Dino

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