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Mood for food

By Alexis Yap


IT’S not the first and I’m sure it won’t be the last time I rave about Singapore. Every visit never fails to surprise me especially when I’m in the mood for food – which is almost all the time. And what perfect timing it was to go visit during the annual Singapore Food Festival on its 25th year.

With celebrity Chef Justin Quek at JustIN, Marina Bay Sands

They had literally all sorts of food-related events going on all over city, covering almost anything and everything you could think of. One of them was the Sentosa Grill Fest just well on its second year following its astounding success from the year before.

Oh, it was just fantastic! We had barely an hour of sunlight when we got there so the temperature was just right but the grills were definitely sizzling hot. They had almost everything I’ve never seen or tried before and so knew I had to try everything.

At JustIN: Black Pepper Crabs

In this case though, dessert had to come first for who could resist a Durian Mc Flurry when it was made possible? Yep, the King of Fruits in a cup of creamy Mc Flurry is just a heavenly delight in every bite.

Especially the first one, the moment it makes landfall on your taste buds… As that was out of the way, it was torture walking past each booth, holding yourself back ‘coz there may be something else you will want more than what you’ve already seen. And these were Tom Yum Burgers, Nori-Hard Shell Tacos, Grilled Strip Steaks, and Japanese Wagyu Beef Bowls. Booths serving all kinds of food including Fusion Thai, Indonesian Seafood and Meat Skewers, Out-of-this-world noodle dishes, and even assorted cocktails from mild to crazy hard were lined up to almost a kilometer of food heaven for the picky, the foodie, and the picky foodie.

East meets west on my breakfast plate. Delicious!

What is even so cool about the whole thing was the wristbands you top up with money so all you had to do was flash your wrist at any booth to pay for your buys ‘coz your credits are electronically stored and collected from the band. That way, you’ll always have both hands free to carry more food and keep them germ-free as much as possible.

And what about the 50 Cents Fest in Chinatown? It was absolutely crazy packed with people and food, glorious food! From dumplings to fried rice, noodles and prawns, and from Auntie’s Sweet Potato Soup to the wackiest desserts, it was literally a food festival for everyone.

Justin Quek’s Banana Fritter with Artisenal Homemade Ice cream

Breakfast at our hotel was always a delight as well with choice selections of the best of Western and Asian breakfast every morning. Not to mention our hotel’s location within Arab Street and Haji Lane, popular in Singapore for being the most colorful and eccentric neighborhood with a myriad of food choices from hawker stalls to fine dining, authentic Arabic cuisine… It looks beautiful by day and even more charming at night when its alleys are flocked by al fresco diners enjoying the company of friends, family, and lovers in a vibrant, almost pulsating environment.

Oh, did I mention personally meeting Singapore’s pioneer celebrity chef Justin Quek, when we had lunch at his newest restaurant JustIN located at the Marina Bay Sands? What a charming and down-to-earth man who prepared for us his redefined versions of the quintessential Singaporean gourmet dishes including a hearty bowl of Laksa, perfectly deep fried yet so tender wagyu beef chunks, and a welcome variety and an equal rival to Singapore’s Chili Crab, the Black Pepper Crab, just to name a few.

So, if your passion is food, Singapore is clearly at the top of the charts when it comes to quality – as they are anal about food safety, variety — ‘coz why eat the same thing, right?, and flavor — for the melting pot of cultures that they are.

So, live your passions and visit Singapore with Silkair’s regular flights to the city-state from Cebu and Davao.

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