Practical presents for dad

By Patricia May P. Catan


OUR dads deserve nothing but the best this Father’s Day and it’s only fitting that we give them something special that’s truly from the heart. While dads are often ones who couldn’t care less about gifts, this sweet and thoughtful gesture will still be appreciated no matter what. If you’re planning on giving him a gift on his special day, here is a list of gift ideas that your dad will completely love.

Travel Tech Organizer. If your father is the techie type who does a lot of travels, this travel tech organizer is the best present you can get him for Father’s Day. It will safely store all of his gadgets and cleanly organize the wires in one kit. With a travel tech organizer, no more rummaging through his bag or having stuff tangled with all the messy wires.

Beard Trimmer. Make your dad’s life a little easier and hassle-free with the help of a beard trimmer. This device is friendlier and more efficient to use rather than just the normal blade. A beard trimmer is a great tool to have your dad look his best all the time and will neatly get rid of his stubble for a better look.

Personalized Shirt. Give your Father’s Day gift a more thoughtful touch by giving him a personalized statement shirt that will make him a proud dad even more. You can add your short statements about dad and have them printed on a quality shirt. Who knows, this shirt might be his most favorite yet.

Leather Belt. Help your dad get rid of his worn out belt and introduce him to a new one on Father’s Day. Find a durable leather belt that’s just his style in color and design for him to easily move on from the old belt he had for years. So, what perfect time your father upgraded his belt.

Coffeemaker. Brighten up your super dad’s morning grind with a coffeemaker that will roast his morning coffee the way he likes it to give him that extra kick for a day at work. Your dad works extra hard just to make ends meet for your family and you can give him something to help boost his energy when waking up and that is a hearty breakfast and a great cup of coffee, of course.

Trousers. Update your dad’s wardrobe a little bit and get him a pair of stylish trousers this coming Father’s Day. Dads don’t really care about fashion, but make his special day an exception because he deserves to look his best all the time. Trousers are not only stylish, but they are comfortable too, so your father will have no problem liking them.

Strap Watch. Add one watch to your father’s existing collection and make him the happiest this Father’s Day. And if your dad is obsessed with watches, he is sure to be over the moon when he gets another one. Whatever design it may be, we’re sure your dad will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Slim Leather Wallet. Upgrade your dad’s bulky wallet with a slim and chic one. Find him a wallet that’s just the right size and one that he can easily slip into his back pocket with less hassle. There are a lot of slim leather wallets out there, you only need to pick the better brand that will guarantee its durability and stylishness.

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