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Fit for dad

Celebrating Father’s Day 7 ways

By Patricia May P. Catan


FATHER’S Day is not until next Sunday, so you still have plenty of time in your hands to plan something special for dad. If you know your father quite well, it’s much easier to organize activities suited to his interest. For Father’s Day activities, SunStar Weekend listed a few ideas on how you can spend your dad’s special day according to his lifestyle.

1. Spend the day outdoors with dad.

For an outdoorsman like your father, spend the day doing exciting adventures that your dad and the rest of the family can enjoy. You can do activities such as trekking, camping or fishing as long as it involves the outdoors where everyone, most especially dad can freely enjoy the sight and sounds of nature.

2. Set up the living room for a movie marathon with dad.

If your dad is a sucker for old and new movies alike, you know that a movie marathon at home is in order. Gather your father’s favorite movies of all time, you can either buy DVDs or download online, and get the the popcorn ready for a whole day of watching movies in the comforts of your own home.

3. Take your old man out to play or watch sports.

It’s the 2018 NBA Finals and 2018 FIFA World Cup season around Father’s Day, so for a sports buff like your dad, there’s no better way to spend his special day than with sports. You can watch replays of the games between Cleveland and Golden State since Game 7 falls on a Monday after Father’s Day, or watch the match between Germany and Mexico for the FIFA World Cup. If you can’t catch any of them on television, why not play the sport itself for dad’s much needed sweat out session?

4. Working out with dad won’t be so bad, too.

You can hit the gym together with your father or attend exercise classes on Father’s Day for a unique bonding time with dad. Your fitness-conscious father will be delighted to spend time running on the treadmill with you, hitting punching bags or stretching it out at yoga class. There’s a lot of fun elements when working out and it’s double the fun when you’re exercising with your dad.

5. Food tripping with super dad.

You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and we couldn’t agree more. Take your dad out for some food tripping around the city and try out new restaurants or dine at his favorite spots in town on Father’s Day. Your super dad deserves a super meal too, and for a foodie like him, spending the day just eating equals a good day.

6. Enjoy a day of music with dad.

Start the day with some old school music that your father loves when he awakes in the morning to set up the mood. By night, you can bring him out for some karaoke or at a place where acoustic bands are playing. Whether it’s a sing-along session or just plain jamming to music, your dad will have a guaranteed awesome time on Father’s Day.

7. Cap the night with some drinks.

After all the merriment during the day, slow things down with a few drinks and a quality conversation with your dad. Especially when your dad is fond of all things booze, capping the night off with a bottle of wine or beer is the perfect night-ender. Plus, you get to have deep conversations with your father, too, that can boost your relationship even more.

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