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Let’s start a flower garden!

By Patricia May P. Catan
Photos: Associated Press


HAVE you always dreamed of creating your own garden filled with beautiful flowers in every kind? If so, you’re probably considering on giving your backyard a blooming makeover. But for a beginner like you, you might have zero knowledge on where to start. Lucky for you, SunStar Weekend is sharing basic steps and a few tips on how to start your very own flower garden at home.

Find a suitable spot

Location is everything when you want to start growing a flower garden. The most important element you must consider is the sunlight. Pick a place in your home where the sun often rests because flowers need six hours of sunshine every single day. More sunlight means a better bloom, so make sure you find a suitable spot for your flower garden. Not just where the sun moves, but also in an area where you can easily see it to give your garden the full attention that it needs.

Boost the soil

Now that you have the perfect location in mind, it’s time to amend and improve the soil where you plan to plant. To boost your soil, all you need to do is add organic matter like a layer of compost, decayed leaves, dry grass clippings, or old manure. Remember to till the soil when you decide to dig to mix the organic matter or if not, you can leave the organic matter on the surface and it will naturally combine with the soil in a few months.

Choose plants wisely

A flower garden won’t be complete without flowers, right? While there are quite a number of flowers you can choose from, pick ones that bloom well in you area or will look good all-year round. Just make sure that these plants are adaptive to the climate, your soil and the amount of sunlight in your garden. If you’re a beginner, there are easy-to-grow flowers you can purchase to make your first take on gardening a little less hassle.

Put them in the ground

Once the seeds are in your hands, they’re bound to be put in the ground. You can directly sow the seeds in the soil, but remember to read the seed packet information before doing so. There you’ll see when’s the appropriate time to plant, how deep you should dig into the soil and how far apart the seeds should be. If you want to skip the sowing part, you can actually buy young plants called set plants where you just dig a hole and plunk them in the ground.

Water daily or when needed

In order for your flowers to survive, they need a sprinkle of water each day. Seedlings need a lot of care and attention, so don’t forget to shower them with ample water for them not to dry out. The same case goes to set plants, they need frequent water too for their roots to be established. Once your seedlings got the hang of it, water your plants depending on your soil and the current weather.

Mulch it up

Create protection around your growing flowers and cover the soil with a couple of inches of mulch to help keep weeds out and water in. Decaying leaves, bark or compost will ensure the growth of your plants as they insulate the soil, making your flowers bloom in its prettiest form.

Make it simple and keep it up

Gardening is pretty hard especially for beginners and if you’re one, it’s advisable to make your garden simple. You can work with low-maintenance plants first and go on from there. Now that your garden is slowly taking shape, keep it up by constantly checking them every day and then add some more flowers as you please.




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