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Flowers that make our Weekend readers blossom

By Cassandra C. Poculan
Photo: Associated Press


FLOWERS have traditionally become a way to express endearment and sentiments of congratulations or even condolences. They come in an array of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and fragrances, all of which also make them ideal for decorative purposes. While we admire flowers for their beauty, looking pretty is only a secondary concern as survival is their top priority, and these features help them attract pollinators. All scientific points aside, we all have a flower we love to either give or receive. These readers share their favorites and why.

Erika Galeos, 26
Junior Clerk
Cebu Doctors’ University-College of Medicine

Hibiscus is definitely my favorite flower. It reminds me of my childhood, back when my siblings and I used to pound it, extract its gooey juices and pretend to have discovered a new medicine. It really warms my heart when I see one.

Barry Montenegro, 22
Fifth Year Student (BS Civil Engineering)
University of San Carlos

My favorite flower is the sunflower. For me no other flower can bring warmth and positivity like the summer quite like sunflowers can. I’m a sucker for the summer season and to me, sunflowers best represent it. Furthermore, they symbolize happiness and joy which can turn anyone’s bad day into a good one.

Mark Abella, 24
RGMA 7, Balitang Bisdak

This flower is as beautiful as the person whom I am still searching for till now. With love and care, it becomes more attractive and will never stop alluring me. I am referring to an orchid. I hope that when I give that flower, that person will take care of it forever just like the way I’d take care of her.

Candice Cadampog, 26
Registered Nurse and Financial Advisor
Sun Life Financial, MDRT

Ecuadorian roses would have to be my favorite! To me they are incomparably beautiful. Their distinctively large size (almost my size, haha!) and elegant look made me say yes to a second date. Desperate to keep them longer, I placed Stresstabs in the vase to nourish them. It worked!

Shaira Saraña, 22
Radio Personality
97.9 Love Radio Cebu

There is so much beauty in every flower but what strikes me as the prettiest is the sunflower. Who doesn’t love looking at its bright petals? The color yellow uplifts my spirit and it makes me look forward to happy things. It excites me to do any activity just by looking at such beautiful creation. I also see nothing but the light. They always follow the bright side, as should you.

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