Japan firm launches Origami website - Weekend

Japan firm launches Origami website

ONE’S Corp. of Shinjuku, Tokyo in Japan launched Origami.to, a community web site for sharing images of origami.


Currently, a Google search on “origami” brings up more than 8 million results. The activities of origami enthusiasts from various countries are scattered over independent fan sites and image posting sites in each country.

Origami.to was built out of the desire to connect fans from around the world by creating a place where everyone from beginners to experts can gather.

Although, outside of a group of enthusiastic fans, it had been known as an activity for children, international interest has grown in origami as a type of basic engineering, and the art of “folding paper” has become widely known by its Japanese name, “origami.”

Many of the works viewed around the world are advanced origami with excellent artistry. For example, “origami” dresses produced by a fashion designer, and an interior design company that applies origami structures to furniture have been widely discussed.

In addition, there is a re-evaluation of the process of thinking while moving one’s hands in converting a single sheet of paper into various shapes, drawing attention to origami from the care-giving and educational worlds.

“By sharing wonderful works from around the world, we hope that people will rediscover the beauty of origami. Our aim is to build a community where, through the international sharing of cultures, the origami crane that symbolizes peace can fly around the globe,” the company said in a press statement. (AP)

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