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Finding That Sweet Spot

Exploring what-if careers in an alternate universe

By Cassandra C. Poculan
Illustration: Enrico P. Santisas


HAVE you ever spent too much time in one of those grocery aisles trying to decide which variant of one product to purchase? And then upon reaching home, you’re left feeling dissatisfied with your choice and brooding over whether you should have picked something else or not. As with choosing a career path in life, we are faced with a wide range of options. Even kids are often asked what they want to be when they grow up. Funnily enough, as we get older, some of us give our answers with less conviction — if we can come up with one at all. It is most definitely one of those major life decisions that shape our future, one that we cannot learn about from just any source. We have to go through it ourselves. These young professionals may have found their niche, but if they had it another way, would they have pursued another passion? We find out.

<>Kathy Acapulco, 30
Pathology Resident
Perpetual Succour Hospital

“Chemistry was my favorite subject back in high school. There’s just something so fascinating about knowing what everything is made up of, and how life is basically a series of chemical reactions taking place at a molecular level. I almost took up Chemical Engineering instead of Medical Technology. Fast forward to N years later, and now I’m a doctor training to become a Pathologist. I could have been a Chemical Engineer living in a technical, corporate world. If I were to change careers, I’d probably choose my ‘what-if’.”

Robert Yasi, 26
Senior High School Instructor
University of San Carlos

“If I could, I’d pursue a career in diplomacy. It’s a field that forces you to be informed and be involved in various aspects of society. And aside from playing an active role in the development of your community, you get to travel, meet people, understand other cultures and promote your own. You’re basically being compensated for something people would pay lots of money to do!”

Yvonne Silva, 27
Sales Executive
Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

“I would go back to my first love — art. I graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Painting from UP Cebu but after graduating college, I landed as Sales Executive of Coca-Cola. A year after, I joined Marco Polo Plaza as an HR Training Assistant and then became the Public Relations Officer, Events Coordinator and now a Sales Executive. Being an artist is not easy but even if you don’t have a stable income, you get to do what you love. Someday, when God’s perfect time comes, I want to be a full-time artist.”

Marlo Garate, 26
Charge Nurse
University of Cebu Medical Center

“If I could change careers, I would want to be part of the aviation industry. I have always wanted to fly and maneuver an airplane. I think it would be very fulfilling to bring people to their destinations with an aircraft to different countries and continents. I would also love to travel around the globe and earn money for enjoying life.”

Dominic Yasay, 24
Content Writer
Delonix Marketing

“I’ve always been interested to be in the shoes of a filmmaker. As an avid consumer of indie films that seek to educate other than entertain, I want to experience the daunting yet fulfilling creative process that filmmakers immerse in to put out a masterpiece. I want to break free from stringing words and sentences to sell a product and be involved in a kind of work that makes people see the world from a different perspective, question their beliefs, and feel a myriad of emotions to feel completely human.”

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