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Choose your own fortune

The fate you wish for this Chinese New Year

By Elisha Judy Tabaque
Image: Associated Press


WATCHING traditional lion dances, doing the Yee Sang Toss, giving money in ang pau — these are just some of the delightful practices to look forward to in the coming Chinese New Year. But one of the few things that give us much interest during this global celebration are fortune cookies served at Chinese restaurants. Fortune cookings, long ago, featured Biblical sayings, or aphorisms from Confucius and some other philosophers. Some even gave lottery numbers, smiley faces, jokes and bits of advice.

Now, here’s the thing. If you were to have a fortune cookie, what would you want to read on it? Would you want to read something to connect to your career, lovelife or family? Interesting, right? Go check some of the fortune cookie wishes from our readers, and Kung Hei Fat Choi, everyone!

Tiffany Alarcon, 21
Management Trainee

“Great opportunities await you, but you’ll just pass by them if you are in too much of a rush. Take your time, and everything will fall into place eventually.’ “People my age are going through a lot of pressure from friends, family, society, etc. As a result, a lot of us are in a hurry to prove ourselves. Because of this, I would definitely appreciate it if I see this so I can be reminded that it’s okay to move at your own pace and that momentary stops will not prevent you from reaching your destination.”

Leonidas P. Teano (Laagsparkles), 23
CIO – Legal Technology Operations

“What would I want to read in my fortune cookie? It’s ‘Pure Happiness and Contentment that Comes from You.’ Happiness and contentment isn’t a thing. You can’t just get out and buy it like a cup of coffee. It’s the way you feel things that comes within you — be contented and happiness will only follow. If you cannot be contented with small things, how can you be contented with bigger things? Just try to be happy in the present moment and never let things you want make you forget the things you have now. Happiness, like flowers, take too long to grow but eventually bloom. Feel blessed because God filled you with a contented heart. Others may not understand your happiness and contentment but don’t waste your time to explain. You are in your own time zone. You are for your own purpose. Do what you love to do because each moment is all you need to fulfill your happiness. Just take a deep breath and it will be enough.”

Pocholo Luis F. Colinares, 21
Appointment Setter

“Your feelings for your loved ones/crush will be reciprocated and your future together will flourish.”

Ma. Alyssa Paola Lim, 22
Management Trainee

“Amidst the darkness, there is light. It’s force of habit for a lot of us to allow the slightest setbacks to bring us down. We are easily discouraged when things don’t go our way. This would be a little reminder that there is always a bright side to even the worst situations.”

Inno Seredrica, 21
Account Manager

“If I were to open a fortune cookie, it would read something like: ‘Half as long twice as bright.’ I guess it’s the idea that it’s not really about the duration, it’s more about what you do in that time. Another way of saying that is like quality over quantity.”

Neil Reiner Montejo, 21
Graphic Artist

“My fortune cookie would read like: ‘Never give up.’ You’re not a failure if you don’t give up. Never give up, because giving up is a sign of defeat. Try doing it, even it may fail in the end. If ever it fails, at least you tried doing it, and not because you gave up. There’s no harm in trying. Just try and try. It may not work in the end but it’s better than giving up because you had your chance.”

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