Are you ready? - Weekend

Are you ready?

A starter kit for the real world

By Patricia May P. Catan
Illustrations: Enrico P. Santisas


GRADUATION is a stepping stone to adulthood and while therea are no exact instructions on how to survive the real world, there are quite a few pointers that will help you get by. For a fresh graduate, you will need a starter kit to help you navigate this new chapter in your life, and SunStar Weekend is here to share some essential items to keep and qualities to learn.

Cups of strong coffee.

You won’t be able to function as desired without your daily dose of coffee, and you’ll especially crave for it when you need that extra kick on lazy mornings. It also fuels you on a hectic work day, and a strong cup should be enough to last you the entire day.

A planner to keep you on track.

A lot happens in one day, and to help you keep up with your daily schedules is your trusty planner. If you’re the type who mixes up dates, make sure to check your planner before sleeping in and right when you awake. As the experienced say, the best way to remember to-do lists is to jot them down.

A handy and functional laptop.

A laptop is basically your lifeline because it’s not every day that you’ll be working on your office desktop. Sometimes a day is too short and you’re left with no choice but to bring work home. And no matter how powerful your smartphone or tablet is, you’ll still be needing a laptop to get the job done.

A set of work-acceptable wardrobe.

If you own a button-down top, slacks and a pair of closed shoes, then you’re ready to go. But don’t limit yourself to these alone: you’re free to style your work “uniform” as long as it doesn’t break any company dress code. Invest in a blazer, sports jacket or suit jacket because you don’t know when you’ll need one for work (power meetings, for instance).

A makeup kit for the ladies.

Work can indeed become super stressful to the point that it affects how you physically look. Therefore, you must make it a habit to at least look presentable when you enter the office so that you won’t look like you just got out of bed. And of course, learn to put on makeup.

A work playlist.

Trust me on this, music helps in a lot of ways and can be a form of therapy too. You can make your own work playlist and listen to it when you need to shut everything else down and focus on the task at hand.

A great deal of patience.

Everything won’t go as smoothly as you hope it to be, and just remember when you’re at the brink of losing it: breathe. Some jobs take time for them to work out and patience is a quality you must learn to master in certain situations.

A knack for problem solving.

Problems arise almost every day at work and it’s how you deal with them that matters. You just can’t leave a problem as is and it’s your main job to find a solution that works best.

An above average interpersonal skill.

You deal with different people with varied personalities on a normal work day, so it’s time to up your interpersonal skills because you can’t stay in your bubble forever. The only way is for you to break free from your comfort zone and face reality head on.

An open mind.

Remember that not everyone in your workplace possess the same set of values as you. Keep an open mind especially in planning and decision making. You must consider everyone’s opinion to create a balanced work environment.

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