Keeping cool in the summer heat - Weekend

Keeping cool in the summer heat

By Patricia May P. Catan


THE sweltering heat signals the start of summer, which also means Cebuanos will be sweating profusely more often. We’ve only ushered in the month of March, and the summer heat is making its presence felt. The heat can become unbearable, and the only way to deal with with the weather is to adapt. That’s easier said than done, since the hot spells can get overwhelming even for residents of this tropical country. For days when the sun blazes a bit too much, here are a few tips on how to keep cool amid the summer heat.

1. Wear bright colors in thin clothing.

Colors matter when dressing for the summer season and choosing the appropriate clothing material is just as important. Do away with dark-colored clothes during warmer days because it will only attract heat, which causes one to sweat profusely. It’s also common sense to avoid wearing clothes that are too thick for the weather. In other words, dress in summer colors and don comfortable clothes fit for the season.

2. Keep hydrated.

Water becomes more essential during summer. The heat can easily leave one dehydrated, so make it a habit to drink lots of water. It is advisable to pack one’s own water bottle because small sips of water can replenish your system when you’re out and about under high-temperature conditions. And never take dehydration lightly.

3. Get yourself a portable handheld electric fan.

No one wants to get drenched in sweat on the way to the office because in this unforgiving heat, it’s hard to look fresh even in the early morning. Your good old hand-powered fan just won’t do the job, so better purchase a portable handheld electric fan instead. It’s better than the regular fan since you don’t have to flap your hand like crazy — one push of a button is all it takes for air to instantly keep you cool.

4. Chill out at your favorite cafe with an iced bevvy.

A perfect place to take a break is at your favorite cafe, sipping an ice cold beverage on a hot summer day. Ice blended coffee, summer coolers, or flavored iced tea? These thirst-quenching drinks are sure to refresh mind and body in the sweltering heat.

5. Sun’s out, sunnies out.

The sun can be blinding this time of year, and the best solution for this is to whip out those summer sunglasses you’ve been keeping in the drawer for months. Also, since summer is sunglasses season, make this an excuse to wear the wackiest or trendiest sunnies you can get your sweaty palms on.

6. Go for a swim.

Of course, it’s summer. One shall not pass up a swimming session opportunity. You can head to at the beach, or take a quick dip in a swimming pool at one of the many city hotels in and around the city.

. Spend a day at the mall.

The easiest way to shake off the summer heat is to visit the mall. The centralized air conditioning is what one truly needs in this weather, while you do some window shopping for your summer vacation stuff. When the house gets a little too hot to handle, take a trip to the mall to cool things off.

8. Indulge in the neighborhood’s iced goodies.

Remember how much you enjoyed those inexpensive iced treats when you were a kid? Well, there’s still plenty to choose from from your neighborhood stores and stalls. Ice candy, flavored shaved ice, local ice cream, halo-halo, you name it. What can be cooler than reliving the happiest days of your childhood?

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