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Tastes Like Childhood

Readers share what treats take them back in time

By Marymil M. Cabrera

Just like comfort food, your favorite childhood treats provide a nostalgic feeling that bring back sweet memories of your younger years. Remember when you used to pack your old-school favorites that defined the good ol’ days – Yanyan, Stick-O, Iced Gems and Nata de Coco – into your Nickelodeon lunch box? Readers share what childhood snacks bring them back to a tasty decade in a big way.

Kirstenyl Gottwald, 26

Entrepreneur | Mango Locco

“I am a foodie. It’s hard to choose a favorite but the most memorable would be any food with bananas and green mangoes. As a kid, I would eat a hand of bananas and eat the sourest green mango and dip it in salt like it’s no big deal! My parents would always tell me not to eat too much of it but what can I say? I loved, love and will always love them.”

Ryan Boholst, 27

Quality Inspector

“My favorite childhood snack would definitely be the mighty banana cue. It is definitely one of the most well-known Filipino snacks and it is just easy to prepare and affordable. I can still remember how excited I was to eat banana cue during class breaks. The caramelized sugar says it all.”

Andre Suarez, 31

Marketing Manager | Vibo Group

“The first thing that comes into my mind are those biscuits with cream filing that come in threes in a pack. Vivid memories of always having biscuits in my backpack when I was in grade school. I’m talking about local brands like Jolly, Hi-Ro and Sunflower Crackers. They always had just the perfect combination of sweetness and crispiness! Having a bite of any of these would instantly take me back to those times when I would run and play games at the playground of my school.”

Allana Nacor, 24

Account Specialist

“Back to the days when things were not so complicated, I remember pretzels and Yakult were my favorite childhood snacks. Those two were my parents’ reward every time I received compliments from my teacher. Before going home from school, I’d make sure that the star-shaped stamp would not be erased from my right wrist to let my mom and dad know that I did something good that day. And today, whenever I get the chance to buy pretzels and Yakult, it makes me miss my childhood days so much.”

Nichole Flores, 23

Admin Assistant | BDO Unibank Inc.

“Boiled sweetcorn topped with cheese and margarine is one of my childhood favorites! I’ll never forget the good memories eating this with my classmates during our break time since it was just sold in front of our school. This snack’s not only delicious but also very affordable! What’s not to love?”

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