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Tips for those long nights of studying

By Patricia May P. Catan
Photos: Associated Press
Illustrations: Enrico P. Santisas


THE finals are coming up and postgraduate students can’t wait for it to be all over because honestly, they have it much worse right now compared to when they were just regular college students. What makes it worse, if one may ask? There’s a long list of pointers to accomplish and a ton of books to read! And that’s only for one subject. I guess the picture is much clearer now, right? So, postgraduate students need all the help they can get to cover everything and SunStar Weekend is here to give out a few helpful study tips that will hopefully get the job done.

Set goals for every study session.

Setting goals is a good motivator when studying because it gives one a clearer way to accomplishing the lessons that need to be covered. Pointers for each subject can get a bit overwhelming and the best way to counteract this is through listing one’s goals for that particular study session. One will be surprised with the outcome just by following this simple tip and will even feel more productive right after.

Study in a well-lit room.

To help keep one’s senses awake, study in a well-lit environment. Aside from the fact that one will be reading countless of pages from his notes and books, this will also help for when one feels sleepy. Everyone’s biggest enemy is falling asleep while in the middle of studying and with the right amount of light, there’s a greater chance for one’s mind (and eyes) to stay up and endure a late-night study session.

Manage one’s time.

Time management is key to accomplish any task, but it’s best applied when studying. With plenty of lessons to cover, one must learn to manage time properly. It’s highly recommended to schedule study sessions beforehand to avoid last minute distractions that might get in the way of one’s study time. Also, school must be of top priority during this crucial time and the rest comes in second.

Take a power nap in between.

Don’t beat one’s self up too much and take a 10-to-20-minute power nap as a little reward in between a grueling study period. If a strong dose of coffee doesn’t work, it’s advisable to at least take a power nap for a dependable recharge. The human body can only take as much coffee, and why not try the natural method of taking a quick nap? Just make sure one’s alarm is loud enough to jolt you awake.

Set aside one’s gadgets unless needed.

Another distraction that can waste time that’s supposedly used for studying are one’s gadgets. In this day and age, everyone is basically attached to their phones and can’t survive five minutes without them. A pro-tip for all postgraduate students: make sure one turns off the wi-fi connection on their phone to avoid unwanted distractions because a simple notification can divert one’s attention. It takes a great deal of focus to follow this, but it will bear fruit.

Don’t memorize, but read and understand.

The common mistake students make is trying to memorize their lessons rather than fully understanding them. Memorization is only applicable for an enumeration test, but in postgraduate studies, memorization won’t cut it. With a number of chapters to cover, it’s best to carefully read and understand each lesson because that’s the only way for one to pass all the comprehensive exams.

Keep snacks stashed near one’s study table.

While sleep can also recharge the body and supply the energy one needs for a long study period, keeping snacks within reach is recommended. Avoid the unhealthy kind, though, such as junk food, but instead, keep enough crackers to fill the stomach or even nuts and chocolates to stimulate the mind.

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