Study essentials - Weekend

Study essentials

By Patricia May P. Catan
Illustrations: Enrico P. Santisas


POSTGRADUATE students and even those taking a Master’s Degree would agree that every study session must have a particular important item to aid them in their studies. A study session just won’t be complete without these following study essentials:

A cup of coffee or two.

Coffee is basically the fuel that postgraduate students need in order for their brain to work and for their eyes to stay wide awake. Pulling an all-nighter won’t be possible without one’s dose of coffee. Besides, it’s the only drink (that works for a majority of students) one must take to be able to withstand long hours of sitting on one’s study table and reading an almost endless pile of notes and stack of books.

One can’t have too many highlighters on his desk.

The weapon of choice during study battles for these postgraduate students will always be their trusty highlighters. Every color serves a different purpose and it’s up to the student which color defines which. Studying is also made (sort of) fun using highlighters because they color one’s dull and boring notes. But more importantly, it helps “highlight” the significant parts of the lesson.

The inseparable pen and paper.

Students often study from their books or photocopies and it helps to have a pen and paper where one can make his own little notes. Every student has their own study technique and making notes is one of them. It’s also kind of special because since it’s his own, only he can fully understand them for as long as it works than it will sure be of help.

A back cushion.

Since studying requires long hours of sitting on one’s chair, a back cushion will help him be comfortable in his seat and will avoid back pains in the long run. Investing in these back supports is essential for the health and will help the student endure the long hours of studying so that he can cover as many important pointers as he can in one night.

Let there be a study light.

Light is a friend every student needs for it will light the way into finishing his notes. A study light will help one focus on his notes and will serve as a guide for his eyes while slowly reading the stack of books and photocopies that are piling on the side of one’s desk.

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