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Crazy Cringeworthy Dates

‘What was your most embarrassing date?’

By Elisha Judy Tabaque
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DATES are always exciting. I mean having movies, meals, getaways and just being with the person you like gives you heavenly feelings that you’d wish for time to just stop. But what if you screwed up your date? What if you’ve unintentionally thrown up on her lap or you couldn’t hold your fart in? How embarrassing. But to give you an idea what to watch out for during your next date so it would go well and not the other way around, check out these amusing stories from SunStar Weekend magazine readers. Happy Valentines, dearies!

Clavel Abatayo Sabellano, 22
Human Resources

“The universe of dating is naturally awkward at times, which makes any incident that happens significantly more humiliating. One of the most embarrassing yet memorable dates for me was when we had our lunch at Bucket Shrimp because in my entire life, that was my first time pigging out with that kind of food and I told myself ‘Tao na jud ka!’ But you know what, I can’t even peel one shrimp and I feel so embarrassed that he was the one peeling all the shrimps for me. I only gazed at him while he was peeling each one and I felt worthless. But despite of what happened, I whispered to myself, ‘Chin up, you enjoyed the moment, this life is everyone’s first.'”

Raffy Denmar T. Enage, 23
Respiratory Therapist/Mobile Photographer

“My girlfriend and I decided to have a getaway after passing the board licensure exam. We talked about doing things that we don’t usually do, travel without our parents with us. We chose Boracay because of the cheap airfare along with an affordable hotel to stay with free breakfast meal. We had a lot of worthwhile moments there. Everything was memorable and I took several photos of the place including sunsets. On our third day in Boracay, we planned to have helmet diving, banana boat and parasailing. I was undecided at that time because heights were really my biggest fear. But I had no choice, because I don’t want get left behind. I want her to look at me as a fearless man, but I was actually just pretending to be one! So, I said yes. After having helmet diving and banana boat, the last thing to do was parasailing. When we were about to start, I was really hesitant and my legs were already shaking and I was trying not to look obviously scared to my girlfriend. But deep inside me, I am incredibly nervous. When we were already tied up with the parachute and ready to ascend, I shouted at the tip of my voice and she was really shocked because she doesn’t know that I’m afraid of heights. I was really shaking and I couldn’t look down because of the nervousness I felt. After several minutes of panic, I became silent. She stared at me and asked me if I’m okay. Suddenly, I noticed that I already peed on my short pants. I couldn’t help myself so I told her. And then she laughed at me so hard. I was really so embarrassed. But to let the positive vibe going, I also laughed at myself; left with no choice.”

Lyka Luague, 21
Tourism Professional

“The embarrassing date that I had? I can recall how much fun and sweet it was. Holding each other’s hand and wearing those very sweet and genuine smile like there were no people and problems that surround us. We were going to one of the famous theme parks here in Cebu, the ‘Kasadya’ and we chose the most exciting ride that we could have, which was the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride. As we were going to pay for the fee, I just smiled at him, a very genuine and somewhat childish smile that would surely melt him and never let him refuse. He knows exactly what I meant by that smile. The ‘I-don’t-have-money smile.’ And yes, that was the start of my free dates! It was kind of embarrassing at the beginning but he got used to it. That was really embarrassing for me since it was, at the same time, my first date.”

Dave Quiachon, 21

“Every day, we always look forward for great things but sometimes what we thought will end up completely different and embarrassing that you will never forget. The most embarrassing date for me was when we were walking with my date on the street. It was raining that time, and suddenly I slipped and ended up soaked in the water full of mud. My whole body was completely wet and she was shocked that we postponed our date because of that incident. That was really embarrassing given that I was in front of many people walking along and especially that I was with her.”

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