Five Types of Carolers In Your Neighborhood

By Patricia May P. Catan


CAN you believe it’s already December? Time sure does fly by so fast when you’re enjoying and living life to the fullest. But it’s nothing to be sad about because December is the best month to celebrate and be thankful for the year that’s about to close. One of the greatest things about the holidays is that we not only get to munch on delicious food and participate in all the merry making, we get to listen to some beautiful music as well! And a tradition most of the people observe during Christmas season is caroling. Caroling is indeed a fun way to get your holiday groove on and here at SunStar Weekend, we give you an rundown on the five types of carolers you encounter in your neighborhood.

The Lone Wolf

Caroling is often done in groups, but this lone wolf isn’t afraid or should we say prefer, to perform on his own. He is the fearless among the five with only a single voice echoing from outside the house. Singing the Christmas songs he handpicked might mean double effort on his part, but the best thing about going solo is that he gets to keep all the money for personal use. Smart move isn’t it?

The Pumped Up Kids

Opposite to the lone wolf, these pumped up kids go in big groups who often are the loudest during caroling season. They hop from one house to another giving more importance to each other’s company rather than the singing itself. For them, Christmas means they get to spend time with each other and maybe even score some sweet treats from “caroling” if they were being nice this year.

The Tone Deaf Bunch

Probably the worst bunch in this list, but they are equally entertaining to listen to because none of them can actually carry a tune. A few laughs during the holiday season wouldn’t be so bad and I think clean fun won’t include us on the naughty list. Nonetheless, we still show the tone deaf bunch some lovin’ despite their lack of practice.

The Orchestra

Now we’re about to get to the good part starting with this group who we can fondly call the orchestra. Equipped with instruments like the harp, cello and acoustic guitar, they are definitely what we can describe as music to the ears. They play instrumental renditions of classic Christmas songs and we can’t help but request for an encore performance.

The Acappella Clique

We’ve saved the best group for last and we’re talking about a caroling clique who knows exactly what they’re doing. Likened to the voices of angels, the acappella clique lives up to expectations with a full on performance where you can’t deny the fact that they’re the best on this list. All the blending and harmonizing are just too on point that you will suddenly feel the warmth of Christmas Eve.

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