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Paranormal studies, anyone?

Group embarks on making sense of the esoteric sciences

By Patricia May P. Catan
Images: Allan Defensor


THERE are things in this world that one can’t quite comprehend. The basic human action then is to constantly seek for answers. But when one pursues to discover any form of enlightenment, he finds vague answers instead.

The same is true for paranormal encounters. Though uncommon, these unworldly experiences still build strong impressions that can alter one’s perception or beliefs. Just like any basic life query, even the strangest things deserve an answer.

One group, though, believes that everything has its own scientific explanation. So, they’ve gathered as one to set up the Magick Grove, (MG) a modern-day mystery school that teaches the Esoteric Sciences. Its purpose is to assist in spreading esoteric knowledge in an ethical manner to all who want to receive it, regardless of religious denomination, gender, nationality, race, age, social position or income.

The school specializes in the Circle of Royal Mystics, where topics like Wicca, Potion Making and Tarot Card Reading fall under. Another is the Circle of Ceremonial Magick, where Magick of Al Khemia, Sacred Geometry, Gematria, and Ritual Magick belongs. Science of Mind, New Thought, Ascension, and Enlightenment all fall under Circle of the Master Mind. These three are the triumvirate of the Magick Grove magical system.

But one interesting topic that stands out is Paranormal Investigation, which is offered as an elective in its curriculum. Investigating the paranormal is rarely discussed and considered especially in Cebu because most people are still uninformed when it comes to the subject. So, aside from offering support, training and education, MG wants to rid the stigma that surrounds paranormal investigation in the city.

Michael Bautista, the group’s teacher or headmaster, said they started back in March 2013. They were the pioneering paranormal group in Cebu with roughly seven members only due to the fact that people just come and go. Bautista shared that they don’t teach lower mythology alone, but they also teach the science behind parapsychology. “Some say science can’t explain ghosts or solve paranormal occurrences, so I always say to my students that I am here to tell everyone that it’s wrong. It has everything to do with science,” explained Bautista.

One of the members, Kristine King described how they normally do paranormal work. A given procedure for any case, the group checks the site first using their electromagnetic frequency meter for high electromagnetic frequency coming from exposed power or electrical lines. When the electromagnetic frequency becomes too high, something in your brain alters that causes your eyes to vibrate, and that’s when it creates an eerie feeling, making you hallucinate seeing ghosts.

But how can they tell when it’s not scientific anymore? Lloyd Limbaga, also a member of Magick Grove explained that if one place has undergone a lot of changes or went through some kind of history, it becomes an area of consideration. “There’s an emotional garbage that sticks to the place if a certain person leaves. Sometimes these emotional traces are too strong that the new occupants of the house will have a similar feeling.” Limbaga further stated that it depends on the level of health of the occupants. That’s why when there’s too much negative energy, it fairly attracts these ghosts or entities.

Aiding them in their paranormal investigations, the electromagnetic frequency meter is one of the major things they initially use to make sure that there are no exposed electrical lines. Another tool would be the camera to record everything that will transpire. Baby powder will also come in handy to know if there is someone or something touching items. There’s one item they call a kinetic bell as well. It’s basically a dome-shaped glass with a pendulum-like device in the middle to make sure the ground is stable. Lastly, they have motion sensors. But in cases wherein it’s a real haunting, there are other things they use, depending on the case.

The duration of the paranormal investigation also depends on the case. If on their initial visit they find nothing significant then it ends there. If they see that it’s a difficult situation, then the group has to visit this place until such time that they can prove and find evidence that it’s actually haunted. From there, they start to find a solution. The process normally lasts from two to three days.

Currently in the city, Magick Grove is the only active paranormal clique. Bautista described the paranormal situation in the country: “The current paranormal or parapsychology scene in the Philippines is moving forward. Before, it was not parapsychological or paranormal studies, but it was more like supernatural studies. We are moving to a more western-type of looking at paranormal occurrences.”

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