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Collection Passion

By Patricia May P. Catan


HUMAN beings will always come across something they become passionate about. Others, like collectors, find their fervent desires fulfilled in things only they can fully understand. SunStar Weekend asked two collectors to share their passion for their collections and what joy they find in pursuing what they love.

Kara Dorothy Anton, 21
Kitchen Staff at The Abaca Group

Some people may not understand why, but I have grown to adore the feel, the artwork and even the smell of a brand new deck.

Collecting stuff wasn’t always Kara’s hobby, but when she was in Grade 6, she started doing magic that included card tricks. Kara wanted quality cards to do magic with and that started her obsession with collecting cards.

She started collecting in 2009 when she was still in first year high school. Choosing playing cards to collect was an easy pick because she was fascinated with how there were so many designs out there that most people don’t even know.

Kara collects standard playing cards used to play poker and currently has 246 cards in her collection. She also has them in different sizes with the biggest being the size of a short bond paper and the smallest like a micro sim.

Maintaining the cards’ quality over these years, she safely stores them inside a plastic box and keeps them away from sunlight and from getting wet. Also adding that she never uses cards from her collection, but rather she starts off by separating a few decks for her daily activities.

Seeming like her cards were just bought yesterday, they have remained in good condition through the years. Sharing that she doesn’t have any plans of putting an end to her collection, Kara will focus more on having her playing card collection grow in the next years.

“Some people may not understand why, but I have grown to adore the feel, the artwork and even the smell of a brand new deck,” expressed Kara of her love for collecting playing cards.

Dexter Duran, 32
Graphic Designer

It was in 2010 when Dexter started collecting Hot Wheels for the sole reason that it’s what’s commonly available locally. Starting such collection however, was accidental for him.

Hearing news that Hot Wheels was releasing a black version of the ‘81 Delorean DMC-12, the car model used in the Back to the Future trilogy as a time machine, Dexter then started looking for it locally.

While on his search, he chanced upon a ‘63 Cadillac Hearse and immediately purchased it for himself and that’s when it officially started. It took him about a month or two of sourcing the malls until he finally found a Delorean DMC-12, but along his search he was able to purchase other models in black and it all escalated from there.

Dexter considered collecting stuff his hobby since a kid, saying he always had a collection going as far as he could remember. Things like Marvel and DC Comics trading cards, various comics, NBA cards, Magic: The Gathering cards, and cassette tapes were the few that pop on top of his head.

Now as an adult, Dexter opts for books, magazines, sneakers, and of course, car models as the drug of choice. Since the start of his collection, he now has 42 1:64 scale models, around three-fourths of which are Hot Wheels. The rest are from brands such as Matchbox, Tomica, Maisto, and Green Light.

Purchasing cars in black and gravitating towards older models in the 70s and 60s especially the 50s and 40s era, Dexter thinks of the 1950s as the most aesthetically radical and ostentatious era for the automotive industry.

Exceptions are still welcome with some non-black models in his collection, like the ‘58 Plymouth Fury used in the movie adaption of Christine and Homer Simpson’s pink car. Dexter also has a red and purple ‘59 Cadillac.

Dexter stores each model in individual clear acetate boxes and away from direct sunlight. Although he doesn’t keep the original packaging, he keeps it stored properly and clean them occasionally.

With no intention to stop buying Hot Wheels in the next few years, he considers it as a passive hobby. If he comes across ones that tickle his fancy, then he’ll take it. “It’s not that expensive of a hobby, so I don’t think it’ll become a problem soon. I have far more alarming vices like sneakers that I may have to curb soon,” shared Dexter on why he’ll continue to collect Hot Wheels.

He also mentioned that collecting them fulfills his fantasy of owning his dream cars because it’s almost near impossible to drive the cars he wants.

“You may dream of driving a Rolls-Royce Wraith, coming out of it in slow motion and shocking onlookers with your grand entrance, but it will probably not happen in reality. You’ll have to settle with scale models and Grand Theft Auto games,” Dexter said on what he loves about collecting Hot Wheels.

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