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Just do it yourself

Meet four creative individuals who do it their way

By Patricia May P. Catan and Christian Jay B. Quilo
Photos: Contributed


TO BUILD or make something beautiful out of your bare hands is an achievement that any individual will sing proud of. Some are born with the natural talent while some pick up the hobby along the way, but either way, DIY is a serious craft that’s worth every time and effort if you’re really passionate about it like how these four DIY artists found and grew love for this kind of artistry.

Liezel Catherine Regner Dacuyan, 29

Liezel Catherine Regner Dacuyan

A mere Facebook post sparked Liezel’s interest in the world of DIY on May 2017. She was first drawn by a post made by her friend about a paper flower workshop and from then on, she started doing her own projects of paper flower making. Now, this hobby has become an income-generating one with Passion Paper Flower.ph. Juggling her full time day job and her craft sort of became a challenge since she only has less time and sometimes sacrifices sleep to finish a customer order. But according to Liezel, passion is what drives her to do crafts like this, which makes the challenges worth it in the end.

Paper flower bouquet.
Salmon-pink-cream rose flowers

“It relieves stress and is fulfilling seeing your product, more so if other people appreciate your work,” shared Liezel on what makes DIY enjoyable for her despite the circumstances.

Beboy De Gracia

Beboy was one curious kid back in the day and that was when it all began. Whenever he got bored of his new toy, he’d intentionally break and modify it to create a new one. He often asked questions like how a certain thing is made, what appropriate tools were needed and what learning aid he had to refer to. All these led him to his craft today — carpentry, cabinet making, metal and electrical works, miniature, and interior designing.

From his love of fixing things, Beboy finds DIY as something cost effective since you get to build or repair on your own. Things like the proper hand and power tools or even the time frame can pose as challenges, but one thing about DIY that Beboy loves is that it is a great way to find out what matters most to you.

Beboy before interior works
After Interior works

“It offers a great way to express your personality and it is so satisfying to see your creation.”

Mish Coquilla

As the youngest in the family, Mish was always the one left at home with her parents. It’s during these moments where she got to observe them do DIY and handicraft — it was only natural for Mish to inherit the same interest.

“I witnessed how they made beautiful things out of nothing using their creativity.”

Being an environmentalist, Mish’s medium for her DIY projects is discarded materials such as driftwood and old tees and up-cycling them into usable home items. One project was a crocheted queen-sized blanket which took over a month to finish. And rather than buy ready-made costumes and props for her son, Mish works her magic and makes them herself.

Ninja Turtle costume Mish made for her son
Macrame plant holder

“DIY may not be the most practical way but it reduces my stress and I always learn something new with every project.”

Fran Lazaga

“I’ve always had the passion to create things out of anything I can get my hands on.”

From watching Art Attack as a kid to now creating her own home decor, accessories, clothes and even nail art — DIY has become not just a creative outlet for Fran but also as a medium to inject her personality into different aspects of her lifestyle. For inspiration, she scours through boards on Pinterest and watches videos on YouTube.

On why she prefers to DIY rather than buy a product directly: “I’m just going to end up changing it so might as well make it myself.”

Home decor

For Fran, it’s not just about the finished output as she genuinely considers the entire process from start to finish equally enjoyable and fulfilling.

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