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Outfits for the Rainy Days from 5 of Cebu’s most stylish

Text: Deneb R. Batucan & Patricia May P. Catan
With Martie De Castro, Joyce Villaflor & Kaye Santander
STC Mass Comm Interns

Image: N.S. Villaflor


WITH Cebu’s weather constantly changing, it’s an everyday struggle to fit ourselves into clothes that could comfort us for a whole day. It could be sunny in the morning, so you opt to go lightweight, but then comes the afternoon storm and your light shirt couldn’t shield you from the cold.
SunStar Weekend talked to some of Cebu’s most stylish, who came up with an all-weather solution for everyday outfits. With their real-life experiences through the hot and cold weather patterns of our tropical city, it sure would help with anyone’s everyday fashion woes.

Liz Dumdum
Research Associate
& Personal Blogger

Outfit from head to toe: Zara

Not a drizzle or storm can stop personal blogger Liz Dumdum from being all chic and stylish as she makes this world her own runway. She would opt for an “athleisure” style as her typical outfit of the day for a rainy season or unpredictable weather. “It’s basically ‘athleisure’ with just more skin covered. Haha!” she says. Her must-haves include a jacket, whether suede or leather, comfortable leggings and a pair of sneakers to keep her covered and cozy.

Cebu has been experiencing fickle weather lately but Liz has got no worries. “For fickle Cebu weather, we need something cool and at the same time trendy, and I would say denim is the solution to every stylish Cebuano’s confusion,” she points out. Skirts might not seem like on top of the list but they also work depending on the length and style, from cute mini to a flowy maxi, you choose from. “There are various options to opt from!” she says.

But for Liz, a pair of comfortable leggings matched with sheer or crop tops complemented with denim jacket to complete the look is her most go-to OOTD in an unpredictable kind of weather. “I usually pair it with sheer or crop tops and toss a denim jacket to complete my look,” she adds.

Her most important advice? “Always keep an umbrella in your bag!” Being trendy on a rainy day is okay, but compromising your health is another story. They’re only clothes, anyway. How you flaunt it is what matters most.

Alem Garcia
B/Vlogger + Ukay-Ukay Diva

Thrifted wide leg pants in wool

A blogger and vlogger who loves visiting thrift shops for price-friendly outfits, Alem Garcia is known as the Ukay-Ukay Diva. He inspires other people through his fashion style, one where he doesn’t go for brands and opts for ukay-ukay items instead. “Aside from the fact that they’re not expensive, I get stylish clothes you never thought you can find in ukay-ukay stores. That alone is fulfilling to me,” the Ukay-Ukay Diva says.

For Alem, attitude and personality are important when in comes to style. His unique fashion sensibilities are perfect for any season. “Flared Jeans, loose pants and long sleeve tops finished with the right amount of attitude are my essentials,” he says.

Thrifted black deconstructed pullover

The unpredictable weather doesn’t stop him from taking risks with his style, as he believes one should always bring out the x-factor. “Never be afraid to take risks,” he says, whatever the weather is.

Edward James Castro
Fashion Designer & Stylist

Outfit Breakdown:
jacket: Levis
Gray cotton
shirt: Forever 21
Black chinos: H&M
sneakers: Zara
Bag and umbrella: sidewalk shops in Seoul City and Insadong

Edward James Castro is a full-time fashion designer and stylist. Aside from dedicating his time working in the fashion industry, Edward occasionally writes for local newspapers and magazines. Surprisingly enough, this creative is a registered nurse as well, although he added he isn’t practicing the discipline.

He may not be able to play any instrument and has a weakness for wasabi almonds, this feline lover who owns 10 cats at home is winning at life. Now slowly nurturing his name in the fashion scene with being one of the most-sought after local stylists, Edward delights us with a few tips on how to dress for the rainy season.

Dressing for the rainy season can be a challenge, but Edward is letting us in on some of his personal tips. “It helps to be sensible with your style choices. Stock up on classic pieces in neutral shades. Especially if you’re always on the go, find the perfect balance of fashion and function,” Edward shares. He added that it’s really important to dress practically on rainy days, which means choosing the right material.

“In the picture, I’m wearing a denim jacket over a gray cotton shirt, which are definite closet staples and are also very versatile pieces to have in your arsenal. I am wearing a pair of comfortable black chinos that is really easy to move around in especially if you’re on the go. I finished the look off with some silver sneakers to add some extra kick to the basic assemblage. You don’t really have to match the bag with what you’re wearing, it’s nice to play with contrast at times. This cream slim tote holds all my basic essentials. But the most important accessory for a rainy day is an umbrella. Transparent umbrellas are cute and functional,” Edward says of his rainy day OOTD.

Ching Sadaya
Fashion Blogger

1. Blue Velvet sweater: H&M
2. Button-front denim skirt: Forever 21
3. Black platform shoes: H&M
4. Silver cross body bag: Forever 21
5. Silver cap: H&M
6. Blue velvet choker: Yours truly

Rain or shine, Ching Sadaya always makes it a point to always be a little punk rock, even if she has a whole different life than her teenage emo-punk self. A testament of self-acceptance, no matter how old she might be, Ching will always leave room for grunge — at least in her everyday fashion get-up.

Ching’s style may be constantly evolving, but grunge will never be out of style for this fashion blogger. She incorporates it in every look she creates — from choker necklaces to dark lips to chunky shoes to denim and plaid combos.

“I usually start with either a color palette in mind or a single piece of clothing. Then from there, I add piece by piece until I’m satisfied with the overall look,” Ching says.

In her all-weather look, she started with her blue velvet sweater, which she has been saving for a rainy day (literally). Ching then paired it with a more toned down blue denim skirt with a frayed hem to add a little drama and with platform shoes high enough to prevent water from getting inside. The look was completed by pops of silver from a mini bag and a cap and a blue velvet choker that she made herself.

With Cebu’s unpredictable and frustrating weather patterns, Ching has a fashion solution: layered outfits. Planning a convertible layered outfit can help you change from rainy to sunny real quick and vice versa.

“Wear lightweight materials as your base outfit. For example, opt for a cotton bodysuit paired with culottes to keep it stylish and comfortable for a sunny day and carry a statement coat or a zip-up anorak to readily layer it over when the weather switches it,” she says.

Ching also loves that raincoats have made their way back to the fashion scene as they are both stylish and practical at the same time. She opts for a transparent raincoat that you could layer on your outfit, giving you enough protection without sacrificing style.

Airene Cabantia
Freelance Wardrobe & Fashion Stylist

High neck sleeveless top: Asos
Leather midi pencil skirt: Stylenanda Korea
Maxi blazer: H&M
Brogues shoes: Darkwater
Tassel earrings: SM accessories

“Being Stylish shouldn’t be complicated. From basic colors to art printed pieces. All you need is the right attitude to support your own style.”

Airene Cabantia,30, is a freelance wardrobe and fashion stylist. She loves to travel and flaunt her stylish yet chic outfits in every place she visits. That means she definitely power-dresses most of the time.

Lace bralette: Gaisano Dept. Store
Mesh top: Bugis SG bazaar
Denim jacket & Denim skirt: Stylenanda Korea
Earrings: SM accessories
Rubber Shoes: Nike
Sweatshirt: Alexander Wang X H&M
Skirt: Gaisano Dept. Store
Shoes: Mom’s Vintage Mules
Accessories: SM

Amid the unpredictable weather in Cebu, she feels that this season is the best time to have fun with her style, taking out some of her jackets, leather skirts, wool fedoras, and booties from her closet. “I like rainy days because I can put on three pieces of clothes, layering them to have a more stylish look,” she says.

For her, the most important thing in choosing a design and fabric is functionality and comfort. That is why her key pieces would always revolve around clean lines, boxy, loose clothing, and a lot of layers. For her everyday look, she wears a nice cotton on polyester jacket over a comfortable blouse. And then, she pairs them with cropped jeans, culottes or midi skirts which blends seamlessly within a variety of outfits. She finishes her everyday look with a pair of leather mules or sports shoes that keeps her feet dry yet still looking fashionable.

High neck dress: Bazaar
Culottes: Tailor made
Sweatshirt: 21
Bag: Acne studios
Shoes: Nike
Accessories: SM
Button down top: Céline
Bomber jacket: H&M
Tattered Pants: Zara
Shoes: Mom’s Vintage Mules
Accessories: SM

“A good fashion sense for me is when someone tries to look trendy without following the latest trend,” she says.

Her fashion tip for the hot and cold weather is to have a properly matched t-shirt and jeans, vintage skirts topped with your boyfriends’ button down tops, and distressed jeans paired with a dress one had 10 years ago. Also, she shared that one can upgrade a favorite warm weather casual look with just another layer of clothing for the the cold weather. A nice jacket or a pullover that matches one’s main outfit will complete one’s look. Lastly, a pair of cool looking footwear that speaks about your personality makes one stand out in the crowd.

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