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Styling Your Space

Do-it-yourself tips for a stylish and functional personal space

Text: Deneb R. Batucan


ANYONE who’s breaking into a new home would always have the same dilemma: decorating the interiors! Having your very own space to make as your own dwelling could be daunting. There needs to be a balance of both functionality and design when decorating one’s living quarters.

There are a lot of things that pull together the whole look of a room. From the right kinds of furniture to the small accessories that bring personality to the room, it’s important to note that each has a purpose and should be in harmony with one another. Experimenting with different shapes, colors and textures would give your space the kind of personality you need it to be.

Interior designer Krismeir Lei Hilongo of Mandaue Foam Home Center gives out tips and tricks into making your home into the best space it can be. With her expert advice, turning your living room and bedroom, two of the most important rooms in a home, into a stylish and useful space would be nothing short of easy.

Bedroom Tips

1. Bring the outside in.

Add greenery in your living space. These potted plants as accessories are another way of adding color and life to every room.

2. Choose the right bed.

The most intimate area is the bedroom. It’s one’s personal space and safe haven that is why choosing the right bed is a must. Consider the measurements of the room when choosing the right kind of bed. Make sure it doesn’t take all the space but is sufficient to your needs.

3. Pop of color.

Give your space an element of surprise like these cute prints for your wall art. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. You can even make your own art! Having these pieces are great conversation starters — not to mention that they’re absolutely easy on the eyes. Take note to hang artwork at the right height. When there’s too much space between the furniture and the artwork, the eye rests on a blank wall between two pieces. Make sure to hang it 3 to 8 inches from the furniture.

4. Have ample storage space.

Storage space for clothes and shoes are a must for the bedroom, so invest on a dresser for additional storage apart from the closet. This dresser gives abundant space and is just the right size for the room’s needs.

Living Room Tips

1. Choose the right color.

Invest in furniture pieces that can last for years. Choose colors that are timeless. This Scandinavian sofa set sets a perfect example. The color of the wood used never goes out of style.

2. Natural light.

A house filled with natural lighting is always warm and inviting. Rooms with abundant daylight also helps in cutting energy consumption. Use neutral semi-sheer curtains instead of bulky ones in order to invite light into your house.

3. Tell a story.

The most important aspect in decorating one’s home is that it should reflects one’s personality and style. Whether its old or new, expensive or inexpensive, a living space should be a comfortable place to stay in. A vintage radio, say from a grandfather’s collection, tells a story.

4. Vary scale and proportion.

First things first, before buying furniture pieces, you should consider the size. What looks good in the store may be too big or too little when you bring it home. Try bringing a measuring tape when shopping for furniture.

5. Be eclectic!

Decorating one’s space shouldn’t be dull and boring. Don’t be afraid to play with different prints and texture.

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