Testing the waters - Weekend

Testing the waters

5 water sports you need to try this summer

Text: Deneb R. Batucan


THE long days of summer gives us a lot of time to try out new things — and maybe a new sport. Water sports are the way to go to keep the summer vibes going on, not to mention that it’s actually great exercise and an even better reason to keep on going to the beach or the river or lake or anywhere where there’s water. With the heat of summer, any reason to go out of the house and dip yourself in cool waters is worth the trip.

SunStar Weekend jots down some of the trendiest water sports of today to inspire you to go out and challenge yourself a little. You never know, you could surprise yourself at how your body could withstand these exhilarating activities.


Using a kayak, one (or two) rowers will move across water using paddles. It seems pretty simple until you’re actually on the kayak. You need to have a strong core to be able to steer the kayak to the right direction. Sea kayaking is challenging because of the strong currents of the ocean as opposed to river or lake kayaking, which are inland waters that are much stiller and easier to maneuver.

Hot Spots: Abatan River, Bohol; Mactan, Cebu; Lake Danao, Camotes Island


This trendy watersport is a personal challenge in itself — when surfing, it’s just you, the board and the sea. A lot about surfing is paddling in order to catch a wave and getting that coveted ride. Some surfers who are in for more thrills even go storm surfing, which is when waves would double, even triple, the size because of the strong winds. Although it entails so much physical strength and patience, just like the other sports on this list, surfers would always say riding the wave is worth the wait.

Hot spots: Lanuza, Surigao del Sur; Siargao; La Union


Canyoneering requires much stamina and determination. You’re not just walking through jungle trails —you need to jump off cliffs and swim through boulders and fresh waters, which have varying depths and currents. One would definitely go on a rollercoaster ride of emotions when canyoneering — one minute you’re leaping from a high cliff, the next minute you’re wading through the cool waters, and then the next minute you’re trekking through the jungle. Adrenaline junkies would love this water sport. Although it’s important to remember that safety equipment is a must when canyoneering, what with slippery rocks and strong rapids.

Hot Spot: Alegria, Cebu

White Water Rafting

This wild adventure ride is a lot like leaving your fate to the waters as you brave the powerful river currents aboard a raft. White water rafting requires teamwork where you rely on each other for a safe and secure boat ride downstream. There are proper paddling techniques to be done to move the small raft through the rough waters. And try your hardest to stay onboard!

Hot Spots: Marilog District, Davao; Cagayan de Oro

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

This sport is gaining a lot of followers because of its simplicity. If one can balance on the board, then you’re good to go. Even if the principles of SUP are pretty straightforward, engaging and balancing the core, which is where most of the strength for SUP is sourced, could be a challenge. It provides a great workout for one’s core and back muscles, arms and legs, but it’s a lot tamer than surfing or kayaking—and it doesn’t hurt that one gets to enjoy the picturesque islands and the ocean breeze while paddling away.

Hot Spot: Mactan, Cebu

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