Those veggies in the Bahay Kubo garden - Weekend

Those veggies in the Bahay Kubo garden

IF you grew up and studied in the country, chances are you know the lyrics to the popular Filipino folk song “Bahay Kubo.” The song talks about various vegetables that are grown around the tiny hut. Some of the vegetables with Tagalog names are familiar, but have you ever wondered about the rest and their English equivalents? Here’s a quick guide to these every day Bahay Kubo vegetables:

Singkamas — jícama root or Mexican turnip
Talong — eggplant
Sigarilyas — winged bean
Mani — peanuts
Sitaw — string beans or green beans
Bataw — hyacinth beans or lablab
Patani — Lima beans
Kundol — winter melon or white gourd
Patola — luffa gourd
Upo — calabash or long melon
Kalabasa — calabaza or West Indian pumpkin
Labanos — radish
Mustasa — mustard or mustard greens
Sibuyas — onion
Kamatis — tomato
Bawang — garlic
Luya — ginger

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