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Fit to a tee

Michael Karlo Lim

I HIT the weights quite regularly and would think that I’m quite physically fit. My introductory one-on-one workout at Fitcamp PH proved otherwise. I found that my flexibility and my cardio are shot. The warm-up sets had me sweating like I usually would in full ones. I initially scoffed at having been told I’ll be doing an intermediate level workout only to find myself coughing through it. The finishers literally finished me. I’m quite glad to have found functional and performance training to augment my fitness regimen. Over the course of three months, I’ve had many revelations about what I can push myself to do and what I can definitely improve on.

These professional one-on-one training sessions of late made me realize that I’ve pretty much just been thrashing around the gym for the past few years with just bro advice and pseudo-instructor guidance. With Fitcamp’s instructors having graduate degrees or some academic background in the physical education, physical therapy or sports sciences, I’m assured no quack information, get to do the right set of exercises and get to do them right. I’m making better use of my time now and am both seeing and feeling the effects. I’ve been hitting weights only for the longest time and these dynamic workouts are an entirely new challenge for me. Just a few weeks into it and I’ve leaned out quite well.

Dumbbell Cross-Body Punches

I’m also new to elastic exercise bands and I’m noting a marked difference in elastic tension versus tension due to gravity in traditional tower weight stacks. Tension is also easily adjusted by simply changing grip points on the band. I’ve learned grip points on dumbbells and barbells are make a huge difference in muscle activation and now understand how to utilize these to maximize my moves and the desired effects. I’ve also become more aware of my form in performing movements and I’ve packed on more lean mass.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it does not change you.” I’ve had some personal training sessions before but these guys at FitcampPH take guidance to another level with a whole lot of push. My workouts are largely personalized and logged to monitor performance progress. Each successive workout is tweaked to bring me over my previous numbers or to challenge another fitness parameter.

Tire Flips

I’ve let aesthetics take a backseat to functional and performance training at Fitcamp PH. I’ve had marked improvements in strength, body mechanics and cardiovascular fitness all in just a month. Funny how it now looks like I’m also in the best shape of my life to date without making that my focus. Heart-pounding action, breathless thrills and the drama of my fat cells crying through my sweat glands. 2016 has thrown a lotta punches my way and I’m hitting back with weighted ones.

I usually have the entire gym to myself on Sunday mornings and Coach Djundi always puts me through the paces with entirely new challenges. One of my Sunday specials had Go Heavy Or Go Home Push-Pull Supersets, Hams & Delts Trisets and Core 300’s. That was 2,041 reps total with most weights from the heavier end of the racks plus a secondary workout courtesy of having to putting all those back. The rest in rest days mean that from work but not one’s goals. I turn up and kill a new program every single time.

Graduated Weight Rack
Sled Push

“There is no short cut. It takes time to create a better, stronger version of yourself.”

Hitting the gym should never just be so you could rock that douche-cut shirt for January street parties or LaJustAboutAnyBeachLocation. You’re also most probably doing more reps lifting your smartphone up to take selfies. The walls of Fitcamp PH are filled with #fitspirational quotes.

Resistance Band Rows
Dynaball Rotational Wall Tosses

Drenched in sweat, lungs screaming for air and heart pounding through your chest but still barely halfway through a workout, these sure help keep one focused on finishing and doing it right. Doing 5kg Dynaball Rotational Wall Tosses here. Slamming it against the word version to destroy my current and become a better one. Cocooning just doesn’t cut it anymore. It could only be better. I could only be better. You could be, too.


Join me for a free trial workout at Fitcamp PH For inquiries, contact 032-4062869, 09155866124, email or message them on FB or

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