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Summer travel essentials

Text: Patricia May P. Catan

THE warm, humid weather calls for a getaway to anywhere sunny and breezy — as long as the sand, sea and sun are in view, a perfect escape is in order. Planning a trip to tropical destinations requires smart packing — often the most stressful aspect of any trip. The merits of packing what is only essential will make traveling easier and create less fuss. Packing light and taking less is the goal when going on a vacation. To streamline your vacay and achieve your goal of not over-packing, SunStar Weekend cuts down five travel must-haves for the summer season.

Sun hat

Protection from the bright summer sun is key and a hat is the perfect way to shield your face and eyes. Whether you’re spending the day lounging on the beach or out exploring an island, sun hats are necessary for sun protection and is also a stylish way to beat the heat.

Beach bag

Screaming good vibes and sunshine, beach bags are the best for toting around all your seaside essentials. Not only does it carry everything from your sunscreen to your extra pair of bikini, beach bags are ideal for that effortless summer style.

Comfy sandals

The one item you’ll wear all day on vacation, sandals are a trusty pair when walking on sand. One part fashion and one part function, a comfy pair can aslo handle walking tours, making for a solid footwear choice.

Oversized scarf

Scarves are the most underrated summer essential — we just don’t see its versatility. For unexpected chillier evenings, an oversized scarf can keep you warm and can work as a full-body covering or beach blanket during the day. Not only that, scarves are also an affordable way to refresh any wardrobe.


Keeping the sun out of your eyes and working to shield harmful UV rays, sunglasses are the staple travel accessory for the summer. Fashionable as they are functional, sunglassses are one item you should keep in mind when on a getaway.

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