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That DIY spirit

Last-minute do-it-yourself decors for the holiday season


YOU’VE set up the Christmas tree along with so many other ornaments, and yet when you look around the house, there’s something missing. Could it be that the season’s decor could use a more hands-on, personalized approach that’s closer to heart and home? The solution: make your own holiday decor with the whole family taking part.

Different hanging ornaments may be crafted for the holidays using simple items around the house. Materials include toothpicks, yarn, herb branches, and even clothespins. The best part is that crafting ornaments gives families an activity to do together.

And while these ornaments can decorate lots of different things, they can stay out after the holidays. They’re so easy and convenient to pack, while keeping in mind that today’s ornaments may become next year’s treasures for unpacking at the holiday gatherings with the whole family. So, here are a few ornament ideas to work on right away:

Christmas Combination


A combination of toothpicks, yarn and herb branches makes for various lovely decor. Create Christmas balls using yarn and tootpicks, miniature beanies made of yarn, mini Christmas trees, and spiked stars made of tootpick wrapped in foil.

Clothespins and Shapes


Make star-shaped ornaments made from wooden clothespins. You can create “snowflakes” by painting clothespins white, or multi-colored ones using the plastic kind. Lanterns or parol-inspired decor of different shapes and sizes will make your Christmas motif more diverse.

Winning Drawings


The best decor are the ones you make. And even better are those based on drawings the family made. Let kids draw different Christmas animals, if not use their imagination to create unique holiday characters. Use felt material and go for colorful or monochrome designs. (Freon Ollival/AP)

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