Staying safe on Facebook - Weekend

Staying safe on Facebook

SOCIAL media has become synonymous with Facebook, and anyone who has an account is likely to spend a great deal of time on this social networking site that helps connect people in real time.


But being a global community of 1.7 billion people presents a number of challenges. With all those who connect and share with others the places and things that matter to them, how does Facebook keep the community and their information secure?

“Safety is at the core of everything that we do,” said Mia Garlick, head of APAC Safety for Facebook, during a workshop called Safety@Facebook at the Radisson Blu last Nov. 18. That is why Facebook continually develops ways to keep people secure on the platform, one that allows Facebook users to express themselves in a safe and respectful environment.

Garlick cited the proliferation of fake accounts, which, she said, FB takes seriously by encouraging people to file reports through simple steps. And when it comes to one’s Facebook account, Garlick stressed that “your profile page is your space, so you should exercise your right to delete” unwelcome, suspect or malicious comments.

Apart from presenting Facebook’s basic tools, resources and education programs, the workshop held an open discussion on tips and strategies to help Filipinos — 54 million of them on FB — gain a positive experience on Facebook. Also discussed was how journalists can use Facebook safely while effectively engaging their readers.

More importantly, the workshop aimed to help inform the broader community on how to be responsible online citizens and how to stay safe online. In short, Garlick says, it is important that people have a positive and safe experience on Facebook. (N.S. Villaflor/Text + Photo)

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